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NWV TEA Party: Call to Action - Contact the AIRC


Hi all... we NEED EACH OF YOU to act on soon as possible!  Redistricting is the most serious issue in our state right now! Lines that are drawn will affect Arizona for the next 10 years!  Press releases from various elected officials were released today and I've included excerpts from them at the bottom of this email.

We need EVERYONE to send an email or call the AIRC telling them that we want the AZ Constitution adhered…


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Palin's Speech


For those interested in watching Sarah Palin's speech tomorrow at the Restoring America Tea Party Rally, you can watch it on CSPAN.  Her speech will take place about noon AZ time.…


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Just remember it was the Hobbits that destroyed the ring of power...

Keep up the good work!

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GPTPP Movie Viewing - The Undefeated (Sarah Palin Documentary)

Hi all,

I noticed that Kelly added an event which I would love to encourage you all to attend!  I was fortunate to also see the documentary "The Undefeated" about Sarah Palin.  I was reminded how amazing this woman is and how she has firmly and continually stood up for the values and principles that each one of us in the Tea Party movement are fighting for! I left the theater feeling inspired and confident that there is REAL hope for REAL change!

I hope you can make it to…


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“Obamanomics: Hope isn’t Hiring”


Recently the RNC published the attached document, “Obamanomics: Hope isn’t Hiring”.  It is a list of statics and facts about where our nation and economy are today after Obama has made his mark on our Country.

Please share this with your friends, family & neighbors.  Read it and arm yourselves with the facts. We simply cannot afford…


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Call the Govenor...ask her to VETO SB1402!

Let Governor Brewer know that we would like her to VETO SB1402.  Call and email her today!

(602) 542-4331

Maybe we can still STOP this!  Please read my earlier posts which… Continue

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*UPDATE* Continue to call your Representatives and tell them to vote NO on SB1402!



I guess now the bill has been amended to add more people to the "committee" that would decide who would get access to the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of TEA party license plates.  Instead of 3 being appointed from the Senate Pres. and 2 from the House Speaker.  Now they've changed it to 3 from the Sen. President, 3 from the House Speaker and 7 from the Governor, to create a… Continue

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Call your Representatives and tell them to vote NO on SB1402!


My Fellow Tea Party patriots, I'm asking that you contact your State Representatives and tell them to vote NO on SB1402.  This legislation would provide specialty license plates for various organizations, which among them would be a Don't Tread on Me plate and a TEA Party plate.  Please understand that I am not opposed to organizations requesting to have plates made to promote their causes, HOWEVER, I am opposed (and we all should be) to the TEA Party requesting this.




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JD Hayworth

Looks like he's gonna run...

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2010 is HERE! LET'S ROLL!

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Want more info on becoming a PC?

In case you were interested, here is a website that goes into being a Precinct Committeeman/woman...

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