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Surprise Tea Party Votes 80-0 To Support Draft Dr. Ben Carson for President Movement - Precise Resolution Below

BREAKING NEWS Oct. 15, 2013

In contrast to repeated claims by mainstream media that Tea Party extremists are just "angry that there is a black man in the White House" the Surprise Arizona Tea Party tonight cast a unanimous…

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Please go to for details on what you can do for TERRY LAKIN ACTION WEEK this week Nov. 15-19. This honored (including the BRONZE STAR) 30 year military veteran is facing a Court Martial in December (14-16) for not following orders until Barack Obama comes clean with the sealed documents with which to show whether or not he was/is constitutionally eligible to be the Commander In Chief.



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Whether Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen Is A Legitimate Tea Party Concern

To Cathy,

Respectfully submit that you are incorrect in your post that Tea Party should ignore the "birther" question. ONE OF TEA PARTY'S 3 PRINCIPLES IS "CONSTITUTIONAL ADHERANCE" and therefore I suggest you carefully read Article II, Section I in relation to the requirement that the President be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Jeff Lichter

Surprise, Arizona

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