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Guns for Nutters

In my opinion it is long past time anyone trying to purchase a weapon be forced to submit to psychological testing prior to the merchant putting a weapon in his or her hands. Now I am all for second amendment rights, however, I believe some controls need to be in place. It is obvious the current system doesn't work. One can have a  clean record and yet still be a lunatic -- there are no real safeguards against psychos buying weapons. Not all nutters look as though they might go on a shooting…


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Gypsies, liars, and Thieves: Election 2010

Watching the ad campaigns on TV saddens me to no end to see our system is so broke. Few if any of the candidates have anything to offer their potential constituents so they are forced to denigrate their opponent. A slur planted here, bring up something questionable a candidate did in the past there, always bad mouth the other person. Truth be told I wouldn't vote for any of the current major party candidates, none of them have any coherent plan to fix the current situation that many of them… Continue

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There are other options

Almost to the finish line and neither party is offering anyone worth voting for in any of the races. Brewer's main accomplishment has been to raise taxes, Horne has done nothing to advance AZ standings in education amongst the other states, and so on.

There is a good candidate for governor, however. He won't get the play from the media because he doesn't have the money to throw at them and many people won't vote for him because they are wearing two party blinders, but the libertarian… Continue

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The Dysart bond Override

It is no secret that education in the state of Arizona is on the skids, from the recent action against teachers by the Republicans and now apparently from a lack of interest on the part of the City of Surprise government. No action has been taken to publicize or promote the Dysart Bond Override which will show up on a ballot this March.

The Override will not cause any tax increase, there is a $12/month tax already in place that will be continued. The bottom line is that every child… Continue

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Enemies of Education

Here's a message from a teacher to all the Rethuglicans in our dysfunctional state government:

"The children are our future, what are we saying to them if educational

funding is cut? How are they going to go on to be productive members of

society? Remember, these are the children that will be running the

country when we are all too old to do so. I would rather they be educated

when making decisions that will affect all of us and our future!"

The… Continue

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Keep Them Ignorant

Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams have forgotten who they work for. The two have manipulated the latest budget to fit their private agenda which is to derail education in Arizona at all costs. Though there are many options to slashing education funding these pocket despots keep coming back to the same tired plan of pirating as much money from the school system as they can. Even if their flawed budget passes the deficit will merely be carried over to the 2011… Continue

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