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On July 25, 2007, minor M.T was taken into protective custody by the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department. due to his father being detained on an outstanding warrant. M.T. was successfully reunified with his father by September of 2007 and this dependency was dismissed on September 8, 2008. During the Dependency in 2007, M.T.…


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Travel Warnings to Arizona

I guess the ACLU has become America’s travel advisor. I just read an article titled “ACLU Issues Travel Warnings to Arizona” because of SB1070, which they claim could lead to racial profiling and warrantless arrests. What really got me was this quote from Alessandra Soler Meetze, executive director of the ACLU of Arizona: “There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about the law,” Soler Meetze said. “It’s a very complicated piece of legislation that gives police… Continue

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Back to Basics (Wisdom of the Founding Fathers)

AMERICA’S FOUNDERS gave us a Constitutional Republic. Because of them, we were born free. Nevertheless, we could die as slaves because we have, as a people, lost sight of basic truths:

1. Freedom cannot exist without morality. The phrase immoral free men makes no more sense than dry water. Unless we have sufficient character and moral fortitude, we will not be able to govern ourselves.

When morality declines, the abuse of… Continue

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Oil Spill of Illegal Immigration

For over 2 months we have had an out-of-control oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite all efforts, the hole has not been plugged and oil continues to pour out into the gulf at an alarming rate. The Gulf States are being destroyed economically as well as environmentally.

For several decades we have had out-of-control illegal immigration. The Border States have been begging for assistance in stopping this invasion from the south but illegals, drug lords, human smugglers… Continue

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God and Governance in the USA

I confess I always look forward to July Fourth because it carries with it memories of my parents who proudly displayed the flag on every holiday and of the full day of celebration by my hometown that began with races in the morning by the various grades of school kids, baking and other contests, a circus and a concert in the afternoon and early evening, concluded with a grand display of fireworks at night.… Continue

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21 Dead in Mexico Gang Shootout near U.S. Border

Mexican Prosecutors Say Gun Battle Took Place About 12 Miles from Arizona Border; Police Arrest 9

A massive gun battle between rival drug and migrant trafficking gangs near the U.S. border Thursday left 21 people dead and at least six others wounded, prosecutors said.

The fire fight occurred in a sparsely populated area about 12 miles from the Arizona border, near the city of Nogales, that is considered a prime corridor for immigrant and drug…


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This Independence Day, It Is Appropriate to Fly Old Glory Upside Down

Flying the American flag upside down sends an urgent message on behalf of American Patriots. That message is simply: Our nation is under attack and is greatly distressed! Has there ever been a time when American culture, language, and values were in greater danger than at the present time?

With an unbowed, anti-American Marxist in the White House and Marxists in control of Congress, the state of our union is precarious and getting worse by the day.

Us the people… Continue

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I Used to Love America More

I love America, but honesty compels me to admit I used to love it even more.

I loved it more when people could admit they were patriots without being called xenophobes. I loved it more when a person could say that nobody should be allowed to sneak into the country without being labeled a racist. I loved it more when one could point out that if people aren’t allowed to profit from a crime, why are the parents of so-called anchor babies the exception?… Continue

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Obama’s “fundamental transformation” means total annihilation

Defined as “betrayal of country — violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country, e.g. by aiding an enemy,” virtually everything The Obama has done and is doing is called treason. And, as Obama still maintains he is a natural-born US citizen, what he has effected is also High Treason — defined as “treason perpetrated by somebody against his or her own country.” In order to gain some semblance of what the Dictator-and-Destroyer-in-Chief has done and is… Continue

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Obama Democrats have Declared War on the States

Let’s establish right up front that not all Democrats are with Obama, and therefore, not all Democrats are on the wrong side of the fight for freedom, liberty and states’ rights. Former Marine and Constitutional Democrat Tim Curtis is running for congress in the heavily Democratic 11th district in Florida, and because Tea Party and 912 folks still think it’s all about R’s and D’s, he has no real support from the so-called “constitutional” movement. What a real… Continue

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Obama Administration considering Executive-Order Amnesty for millions because can’t get votes in Congress

How much abuse of power do American citizens have to take? More government corruption, more government abuse, more Chicago-style politics.

I receive an email with the startling news at Obama is considering using an executive-order to provide amnesty for illegals. This came from NumbersUSA:

Seeing that most Members of Congress are scared to death to vote for an amnesty in an election year, Administration officials are working on ways to do a de facto amnesty without…


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Obama tells Kyl in private Oval Office meeting: I won’t secure border

Apparently the Obama agenda is more important than our national security

and fulfilling their obligations in enforcing laws of the United

States. Obama is holding border security hostage in order to further

his personal agenda – AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. The president and congress

have a duty to the country to secure the borders, yet they are REFUSING

to do so. If they refuse to uphold the constitution, then maybe it is

time to fire them – time to impeach!… Continue

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To See Obama’s Vision For America, Watch Chavez Workers’ Paradise.

The shadows of failed communist states lie across millions of dead whose mute testimony will forever stain the fabric of the world. Devastation, murder and hunger are its tools. Lies and deceit are its hallmark. The shackles of penury and forced servitude its only legacy. It’s hard, even now that eighteen months have passed, to believe that Americans did not see through the sophomoric visions of sugarplum fairies that spewed from Barack Hussein Obama’s swiveling head.…


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Walpin defeat gives Obama power to unilaterally fire Inspector Generals.

This is a very bad precedent being set America. We need to let lawmakers on the Hill know this is not acceptable. Walpin was flat out fired with a coat of PC paint. This goes deeper though. On the surface it may not look like much but the cronyism runs very very deep here. This Judge that dismissed the case is some what beholden to Eric holder for his accelerated success in the DC Beltway.

After working as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., in 1993, Roberts was… Continue

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Obama: Trouble on Oiled Waters

At most times and in some circumstances presidential speeches carry weight far beyond the actual words spoken or written. A president’s verbal gaff can start a war, rather than prevent one. A slight mistake by a president can cause American markets–or even international markets–to collapse, rather than stabilize.

There is a second point of great importance. Even if a president uses the best words and concepts to address any issue or crisis, those who hear those… Continue

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Hawaii Election Clerk story grows on YouTube

Video: Hawaii Election Clerk story grows on YouTube

Posted by Patrick on June 14, 2010 – Western Journalism

The Hawaii Election Clerk story has now broken in on YouTube, where thousands are beginning to watch. Last week a former Hawaiian election official named Tim Adams, who now teaches in Kentucky, electrified the eligibility debate by claiming that it is an open secret in Honolulu that Obama was not born there. In addition, Adams was informed by his boss that they…


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Obama Ignores – Stalls Oil Removal Assets.

When this gulf oil deal started I found my inner self in slight sympathy with the administration. After all, they hadn’t asked for this catastrophe any more than had George Bush when Katrina burst across his horizon. It didn’t take my inner self long to shed the sympathy as I saw Obama mangle it from the git go.

The problem with the office of the presidency is that there is no primer for leadership. Jimmy Carter gave us ‘stagflation’ and told us all to expect less and put on…


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Anti-Establishment? Anti-Obama? Yes and Yes

They were seemingly the best of times, but they ended up looking like the worst of times.

That is, things have turned out pretty badly for one particular congressional candidate and the party that endorsed him.

Much has been said and written about the current and ever-growing backlash against Washington. Is it an “anti-incumbent thing?” Or is it an “anti-Democrat, anti-Obama thing?” Is the momentum moving against the Democrats and in favor of the Republicans, or is it…


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Does Obama Hate America?

I have been a book reviewer since the 1960s and am, in fact, a founding member of the National Book Critics Circle, but I rarely devote a commentary to a particular book. I am, however, going to recommend you read “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists” by Aaron Klein with Branda J. Elliot.… Continue

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Obama Knows, He Just Doesn’t Care

The most damning thing about Obama’s response to the Gulf Crisis (the other Gulf Crisis) is not what it reveals about his lack of competence, but what it reveals about his lack of interest. And it has forced many liberals to recognize, what so many conservatives knew all along. That Obama just doesn’t care.

Politicians who don’t care what happens to the little people are nothing new. But Bill Clinton was a master at pretending to care. His performance…


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