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Time to PAN FRY the idea of Matt Salmon for Governor

I don't think so...

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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly, U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt

Acting United States Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly relieving Captain Brett E. Crozier of his Command of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 for lapse of good judgement in distributing an email was in…


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US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a Seditious Racists or Complicit Terrorist

Enough is enough don’t you think? The effort to subvert the Rights of Individual Sovereignty (Natural Law) enjoyed by Citizens of the United States of American is well underway. Little by little and now by leaps and bounds they push their Totalitarian Creep for the sole purpose of fostering Insurrection to further their NWO – OWG Agenda: 

At the moment the United States of America is protected by PATRIOTS but the Obama/UN Seditionist' continue on with their subversive…


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KELLI WARD, Constitutional State Senator or NOT? Maricopa County Republican County Briefs:

Kelli Ward Arizona State Senator District 5, one of three challengers ( Clair Van SteenwykAlex Meluskey ) running against incumbent John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat this coming 2016 election cycle. …


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WILL Clair VAN Steenwyk challenge John McCain in the 2016 Primary Election?

It’s being said that five term U. S. Senator John Sidney McCain III has overstayed his welcome representing Arizona: ‘vulnerable in primary’ is the echo. That he overstates his conservatism with his infamous Primary Election Hard Right Shuffle (no wonder he has a stiff neck), the shuffle he mentored Jeff Flake on in 2012. My choice to run against McCain is Clair…


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Faith, Family, Freedom: Governor Mike Huckabee endorsement of Trent Franks email – send money please!

Faith, Family, Freedom is actually that hasn’t seen any activity in over a year. It’s part of HUCKPAC, Inc. a business, in business to make money to wield influence over elections – to convince you the voter of something’s about candidates that may not necessarily be…


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Trent Franks “Comments” “Press Releases” on Hobby Lobby, CISPA and Supreme Court Cell Phone Search Ruling

Six term AZ CD 8 Rep. Trent Franks, issued a press release July 2, 2014, titled “Constitution Subcommittee Chair Praises Hobby Lobby…


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TERM LIMITS: Independents & Non-declared vote in Arizona Primary Elections GOTV

In Arizona registered Independent and Non-declared voters can request a Party Primary Ballot of THEIR CHOICE at the poll on Election Day or by phone (Maricopa County 602-506-1551) or email for an Early Mail-in Ballot starting 93 days before the August 26, 2014 Primary Election: (…


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Congressman Trent Franks 8th District of Arizona: Constitution, Origination Clause

Arizona Congressional District 8 incumbent of 12 years-6 terms and a 2014 candidate, U.S. House Representative Trent Franks, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s, Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, doesn’t appear to know the United States Constitution very well. Chairman Congressman…

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AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, Federal Election Tampering and/or Primary Election endorsement of Trent Franks – you be the judge?

Back to the subject at hand AZGOP Chair Graham, I thought your excommunication of Clair Van Steenwyk (Van) from the Republican Party had to do with Van and his Campaign Manager (Ron) TAMPERING (defacing) a Trent Franks campaign sign? How did it get framed (pun intended) as ‘Van dominating volunteers’? That is the key question…


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Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett instructs LD13 Candidate Russ Jones to go ahead and campaign?

Early last week (October 16, 2012) voters started receiving mailers form Russ Jones saying he is a “write-in candidate” for Arizona House Representative Legislative District 13. Russ Jones has stated that Arizona’s “Chief Election Officer” Secretary Of State Ken Bennett has given him (Jones) the green light to send out mailers and conduct campaign activities, even when he is not listed on the official Secretary of State write-in candidate list.

But, Russ Jones is ‘INELIGIBLE’ to run…


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Write-in "Van" Clair AZ State Legislature Representative LD13

link - Van for AZ LD 13…


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Dr. Cristina Beato, Jeff Flake, Richard Carmona, Press Release

Before you vote for John S. McCain Jr. - Jeffery Lane Flake, review Dr. Cristina Beato’s resume/past and ask yourself, is the McCain Progressive Machine so desperate as to throw caution aside and go with the Beato angle, an individual who is…


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Jerry Weires for Glendale Mayor doesn't want your vote:

It's the number of dollars Glendale spent into oblivion!! $50+ million of it was flushed down the NHL's toilet of OUR money we didn't have a say in how it was spent!! Hey Jerry: you didn't support us having our say either!! Remember? You didn't support allowing Glendale residents to have our say at the ballot box! FISCAL CONSERVATIVE applications now being accepted for Glendale Mayor. Party affiliation not required for this position! No more CON-servativrs for Glendale!! We want the real…


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Why McCain needs Flake

To ALL who love America:
When Arizona RINO Senator John McCain gives his support to another United Nations…

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AZGOP’s star Constantin Querard

Take a look at Darin Mitchell’s and Steve Montenegro’s campaign sign.

Compare the “m” and the other “m” and the “&” symbol between the m’s

to the m&m brand on the bag of candy.…


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Jon Kyl, where in the constitution does it authorize the Federal Government to own land?

Comment by JPD on October 27, 2011 at 9:54pm

Too funny, no mention or link to the bill: H.R.1904 Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011 (Engrossed in House [Passed House] - EH).

How did the Federal Government get the land to swap with Resolution Copper Company? How did Resolution Copper Company come upon the 8 parcels of land the Federal Government…


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Why would Wil Cardon pull his negative Jeff Flake political ads from TV at the same time voters started to receive their early mail-in ballots Thursday August 2,  at a time when self-funding Cardon should be ramping UP his Flake attack…


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McCain Machine, Jeff Flake endorsements: Sarah Palin just another Tea Party wannabe GOP Prostitute

Sarah Palin, flaying around trying to be relevant willingly gives her soul to the McCain Machine by endorsing Jeff Flake……. everything Palin said she stood against when she was attempting to be the Tea Party Darling.

There is another name for one that doesn’t sell themselves but rather gives themselves away…… put Tea Party in front of it and file it right under Ronald…


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