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Here we go again!  All the suits in D.C. are once more rushing to get in front of a  microphone to give us their take on how we must handle illegal immigration, immigration reform, how we can control our Southern Borders, and what to do with 10 to 20 million illegal’s already trespassing in the United States of America;  Jaw, jaw, bloviate.  Most of these elected nitwits have not the gonads to do what really…


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Eric Holder, possibly the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the United States of America.

Ok ladies and gentleman it is time to revisit the crimes and ideological inequities of our Attorney General, Eric Holder, a man who cannot force himself to say Islamic Terrorist.  This time good ole Eric just may have really caught it in his zipper.  It looks like Holder’s lies, invincible incompetence, and overall maleficence during his term of office, culminating with his absolute lies over the Fox News fiasco, will bring him down.  However, he and Obama are so…


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