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Anti-illegal immigration website enables you to send free faxes to your representatives

The article linked below about anti-illegal immigration activists' plans to "raid" congressional townhall meetings mentioned a group that has over 2 million members. Instead of only 2 million, I would like to see articles like this have to admit that there are 200 million or more Americans signed up against illegal immigration. I signed up for free and sent a series of faxes to my congresswoman and two senators. Here is the original article:

This is the home page for the anti-illegal immigration organization:
In the top left corner there is a "JOIN US" button. The way you join is by sending at least one fax, which I went ahead and did. If you checkmark the box that says you want to send more faxes, it asks you to create a password. This is how you join the organization. You can then see other faxes you can send.
The site also gives you a list of townhall meetings that your congressional leaders will be holding during their August recess. Guess what? My 3 representatives (Democrat congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and the two pro-illegal immigration RINO Senators McCain and Flake) are too cowardly to have apparently scheduled any townhall meetings. These two RINOs have been hammered at these meetings in past years. Imagine what would happen this year if hey actually faced the constituents they are betraying.

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Comment by Rob Puckett on August 2, 2014 at 7:57am

NumbersUSA is a great and fast way to stay active in the debate and have your voice heard. They send out emails and you can send faxes quickly and easily.

Sign up today.


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