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By what right is there even a question about this topic. Even as a Master's Student in Addiction Counseling, I question the right of anyone in the government (state or federal) to continue the charade of drug prohibition. I thought us 'Tea Partiers' were all about LESS government or is it only LESS when it's convenient?

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Comment by Alan Kovin on November 18, 2010 at 10:01am
I agree with everything you said except the last statement. I wasn't necessarily offended--actually, I consider myself a Judeo Christian, currently learning about Buddhism. I write Christian music and believe in much that I perceive Jesus espoused. However, when the meeting started off with a reference to Jesus and not a general prayer it signaled to me that there might be a Christian Morality leaning to the group. Furthermore, since the Tea Party is supposed to be all about the constitution and the separation of church and state, I thought doing a prayer asking for Jesus's blessing was inappropriate. However, I can also see your point. Hopefully, you can understand my knee jerk reaction, as I have serious issues with the Christian Right. Last, I apologize for leaving the meeting early, as I had another committment.
Comment by Alan Kovin on November 16, 2010 at 5:05am
Smoking is smoking and if cigarette smoking is banned, so should any other type of smoking. That appears to be common senses, especially with the effects of second hand smoke. Personally, as an ex smoker, I love that law. Cigarette smoke now makes me deathly ill and aggrevates my COD. Here is an example of one freedom of another directly violating the freedom of another. A decision had to be made and in the case of banning smoking in restaurants, I personally think they made the right one. To change the subject however, I just read the following which totally infuriated me in the Wall Street Journal Online Version Today:

U.S. Pursues Wider Role in Yemen
Americans Move to Bring In Equipment and Operatives and Propose New Bases for Fight Against al Qaeda Affiliate

They're never gonna let up until we're totally bankrupt and in the dust--We've spent over 230 Million dollars in Yemen and counting. And take it from Qaeda's not going away soon. And if by chance it does, there will be another splinter group taking its' place so that we should fight them there so we don't have to fight them here...right? This is where our future's going people. And the U. S Military is not going to solve the problem--never has. We'are just going to keep pissing off people in that region and starting a positive feedback cycle of violence that might never stop. It's sad that the Tea Party's not in this fight seriously! Talk about a drain on our country's resources and picking our pocket? Again, think of who's benefitting--The Banks, the MIC, Halliburtin and the like. If the Tea Party were to take up causes like the MIC seriously, we could perhaps forge solid alliances with other groups. Ahaaa...but maybe the folks who are really in charge of the Tea Party are not interested in alliances or progress? Maybe they have an interest in distracting us from the real issues. I'd like to see these questions answered and as a group, where we really stand.
Comment by Mark Pentecost on November 16, 2010 at 12:45am
You are absolutely right. The government continues to hide behind the fact that there is no evidence of the medical validity of Cannabis - because they have never conducted their own research - and disallow anyone else from doing so either. It is ALL about their control of the people - and by scaring the people into letting them protect us (at OUR expense of course) - while they strip us of our rights and liberties. It's great work - for all the legislators, judges, cops, and prison wardens - if you can just get hired to do it. And after 40 years of all the expenses of the 'Failed' War On Drugs (Hundreds of Billions), there are A BUNCH of control freaks who really, really, really want to keep their job and the statis quo just the way it is. By God, if uncle sam wants to balance their bloated budget problems with cuts to Medicare, Medicade, and Social Security beneficiaries, then this 'charade' of drug prohibition has a whole bunch of FAT that can also be trimmed out as well. It was MARK TWAIN who said "The Only People Who Don't Mind Change .. Are 'Wet' Babies", and I'd bet Mr. Twain would have been a proud, and vocal TEA Party member himself on most of 'Our Issues' these days as well.
Comment by Alan Kovin on November 15, 2010 at 11:33pm
Sir: I'm sorry that your ex was a drug addict. However, do you think that it's fair to project the experience that you had with your wife to the entire rest of the world? Somewhere the idea of freedom has to mean something. The vast, overwhelming folks that do use pot (either medicinally or medically) do no harm to anyone else. Match that against the harm that alcohol, an illegal drug does. You still did not respond to my rational arguments other than mentioning that you personally have 'seen a lot all over this country'...well sir, I need to tell you that we ALL have seen stuff all over this country, and as the previous posters noted, not only is it a matter of state sovereignty, but it is also been voted in favor. On a side note: if the Tea Party is ever to represent all of us, there will have be many epiphanies seen by its' leaders and followers--a broader definition of freedom and most important, a delineation of who the criminals really are right now--for a start--the bankers, Wall Street, The Bailoutees, the MIC and BOTH parties, which are corrupt to the core. I'm a bit disallusioned as to whom Tea Partiers are going after now. For example, if we are to save our fiscal house, we need to address the majority of us, the Middle Class. And we're the ones getting screwed by the ruling elite! My saying goes, Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely
Comment by Russell McManaman on November 15, 2010 at 10:36pm
Bickery and name calling get's us no where. We are all entitled to have our own views and opions about this issue. There are valid points to both sides of the whole marijuana issue. It's what the voters approved so that's just the way it is. You can't please all the voters every time.
Comment by Alan Kovin on November 15, 2010 at 10:11pm
Sir: I don't appreciate your insults. It's obvious that you are uneducated, obstinate, prejudiced, uninformed--and a hypocrite. Who are you or anyone else to tell ANYONE what substances they can ingest, whether it be for medical use or RECREATION. Alcohol has killed millions to date. How many people do you think pot has killed? Oh and that Prohibition thing in the 20's worked real well didn't it....just like it's working now. If you had half a brain sir, you'd realize that jail is not the answer for substance abuse--treatment is! You probably don't any have idea why these laws exist in the first place. Do some research my hot-headed friend. Moneyed interests (such as the Pharmaceutical Lobby are not only against Marijuana, a natural substance that no one can (or should control), but there are many interests against the growing of Hemp, a valuable crop which could open up untold avenues of revenue. As for the FDA, give me a break--you know as well as I do that is one corrupt worthless government agency dictated to by the Drug Companies (which I thought that the Tea Party was against--but I may be wrong). No one said that it would stop the drug cartels....but it sure makes a lot of sense. If legal pot is going for $30/ounce and the drug dealer stuff is going for $100, who do you think is gonna go out of business? Instead of shooting from the hip sir, take a few minutes to try to see information from both sides. Hell, even William Buckley was for legalization! And for your information sir, I haven't smoked pot in 35 years!
Comment by John W. Bugay on November 15, 2010 at 9:39pm
How come it is never dispenced by an RX? why do they get their own businesses to do that job? how do you deal with second hand smoke around kids and people who are allergic to it? Where can it be used and how often and will THC pills work or is there other drugs that can cut the pain?
Comment by Russell McManaman on November 15, 2010 at 7:46pm
I was going to write a big comment to this complicated issue but instead I'll just put it out there to the point. If medical marijuana can ease someones suffering then who are we to say no! "you have to suffer". Will there be problems with it yes! But there are problems found in everything. I certianly believe that alcohol causes more suffering than it stops I never see the controversy around it . But I neither Smoke or Drink so thats just my perspective.

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