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The horrendous shooting in Tucson and liberals USING the incident for political gain

Everyone agrees that the shooting in Tucson in which 6 innocent people were killed and our Arizona congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was seriously injured was a horrible incident. However, the left is attempting to do what they always do and USE the incident for their own anti-conservative propaganda purposes.


The FACT is that the murderer, Jared Laughner, is insane.  He was asked to get mental healthcare by a local community college.  His disturbed online ramblings look more left than right. There's zero evidence that this was anything other than a seriously disturbed man striking out at "the government" in the person of Congresswoman Giffords.


Conservatives need to immediately fight back and put the liberals in their place when they begin to try to blame Sarah Palin or the Tea Party for the shooting.  We need to IMMEDIATELY shame those liberals for attempting to use this horrible incident for their own purposes. We can easily turn their accusations back on them by making it clear that we know what they're doing, and that their using the incident for poiltical gain denigrates the memory of the innocent people slain.


My heart goes out to the families of those murdered, especially the family of 9 year old Christina Green. May God look over the injured and return them to health.

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Comment by Robert Yeats on January 19, 2011 at 4:28pm
Yeah I know, I mispelled "Sarah". Sue me. LOL
Comment by Robert Yeats on January 19, 2011 at 4:27pm

Great point Ed (and you too Joan... LOL). The word "dupnik" has been added to my vocabulary as a new euphemism for "dumba_ _ as in, "don't be a dupnik!" Should be a bumpersticker. When you lament that there needs to be a more aggressive approach I agree and think we should be using Sara Palin's use of the phrase "blood libel." Christians and perhaps Muslims utilized prejudices to foster hatred against Jews by claiming they used children (or their blood) in baking pies and food. Simple strategy. Use children as victims to promote hatred against Jews. Worked well, ask any Jew. The press is attempting to do the same against Tea Parties. If we don't fight fire with fire we will always be on the defense and will progress forward only slowly. Barry Obama has buttressed this by claiming on national TV that American citizens are his enemies and they need to be punished. He is promoting a blood libel against citizens that vote Republican. Am I spinning this a little? Not really. He is appealing to the institutionalized bigotry and racism inherent within a broad spectrum of poorly educated Hispanics/Mexicans. Telemundo and Univision capitalize on this aspect of that culture daily and Obama utilized that platform to promote his hatred for this country and especially White Americans. One cannot get much more vile than a person that exploits another's ignorance. He is attempting to foment hatred toward White Americans yet no one is willing to call him what he is: a racist.

See if you agree with my thinking on this:

You said that conservatives need to fight back. If you've been reading some of the blogs on here you'll notice a lot of in-fighting and bickering between Tea Party group leaders. I suggest rather than egotistically sniping at someone's mispelling, grammar, incorrect usage of some obscure historical fact, we instead start unifying behind specific strategies. That is, focus on what we agree on and drive that message. There is powerful sentiment out there. Remember how many people rallied when Quayle made his speech about Obama being the worst president we've ever had? That rallying is what we need to focus on. Be populist in our thinking. If I believe Obama is a racist and it's found that most Tea Partiers agree with me, statistically that's probably only a tip of a huge iceburg (i.e. many non-Tea Party Americans, Democrat and Republican alike may wish someone would say it). Therefore at least one message that accomplishes what you suggest (fighting back) is publicly calling Obama a racist. Put him and his ilk on the defensive. His primary reaction would probably be the old "Hey I'm not a racist, some of my best friends are White." Didn't work in the past when the word "White" was substituted with "Black" so it shouldn't work now. Personally I'm sick and tired of seeing my side always being on the defensive. The press vilifies us and no one on this side knows how to fight back. Mine is only ONE suggestion of what is probably thousands of better ideas within the Tea Party groups. Let's get those suggestions on our collective table.


Your thoughts?

Comment by Ed Siemen on January 19, 2011 at 12:29pm
I've been referring to the only liberal sheriff in Arizona as "Dupe-nik", but "Dork-nik" works, too.  ;)
Comment by Ed Siemen on January 10, 2011 at 4:50pm

Raul Grijalva is a traitor to his consituents and to the United States. Even though his district is 90% Democrat, he nearly lost to a white female Republican.  He only won because the SEIU registered thousands of illegal aliens to vote in that district.


We need to post and 'comment' on every online news board that we can find and stress how sleazy it is for the liberals to be USING this horrible tragedy in Tucson to attempt to smear people they consider their "enemies."  They're spewing the very kind of hate that they accuse others of doing.  I suggest reposting on those sites the Daily Kos "bullseye" that Michael Bailey posted, below.  We need to turn their sleazy campaign around on the liberals.

Comment by Rodger Edgar on January 10, 2011 at 10:47am

And the Arizona Republic puts their liberal spin on it:

It was not talk radio or the Tea Parties that did this to Jared Lee Loughner.

He was a hs dropout, failed military enlistment. couldn't get a job, kicked out of Community College by 2007 !

Liberals are using this to motivate their agenda.

Comment by JPD on January 10, 2011 at 8:04am

I continue to pray for all involved.


Everyone here is on point: liberals with no morals; young people awash in anti American agendas; the likes of Duped-nik; and the necessity to turn the heat up on the liberals a notch in our normal civil deportment.  


Megan Kelly interviewed Sheriff Clarence DUPNIK yesterday. Kelly, she was great calling DUPNIK out as an opportunistic liberal, wrongfully taking a political posture compromising his ability to be objective as a Sheriff. Actually I don’t think he caught on at first – genetics I guess.


Don’t forget Arizona State Senator Linda Lopez (D29) and her hate speech. No doubt she and Grijalva are cut form the same cloth, products of MEChA producing more MEChAnites. Yes La Raze is an issue but it’s MEChA that feeds the fire under the banner of ACADEMIC FREE SPEECH clocked in secrecy onto their own on our university and college campuses.


Mexican Reconquista Raul Grijalva in the U.S. Congress


Congressman Raul M. Grijalva,44


Back to DUPNIK: will someone tell this guy it’s a magazine, not a clip. Punks use the word clip. The Glock 17 (19x9mm) will accept a 33 round high capacity magazine with one in the chamber, that’s 33+1. The 31 round mag he references does not exist, unless you leave two bullets out.
Comment by Ed Siemen on January 10, 2011 at 7:39am
Yes, it's a shame that the Pima County Sheriff is the spokesperson for this incident.  Dupnik is the only liberal sheriff in the state...and he does come across as a whackjob. He came across as a liberal whackjob when he the media "discovered" him as a law enforcement opponent to HB1070.  Dubnik is out of step with virtually 99% of Arizona police officers and deputy sheriffs.  Tucson is an anomaly in the State of Arizona.  Don't forget that Tucson is also the place where they teach "reconquista" and "Aztlan" in the public schools.
Comment by Rodger Edgar on January 10, 2011 at 1:13am
And look at the Young People about the same age and witness the disillusionment with the system they see.  No jobs, no education, no opportunity, no reason for the Washington insanity.  Jared Lee did NOT see the American Dream.  What he witnessed was warped and twisted.  He saw that he had NO FUTURE in this system.  He saw someone tearing down the future for his generation as an enemy.  He said GOODBYE and responded to where the pressures of his environment was taking him.  He made a video of burning the American Flag.  Jared is considered INSANE for what he has done.  Yet La Raza and the Socialists are promoting this OPEN BORDER INSANITY, burning flags, teaching treason, and promoting corruption in our government.  Who failed to take Jared aside and teach him of a possible good future, rule of law, and justice finally prevailing?  Who failed to teach Jared of God's Laws in a world full of fake religions of peace?

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