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2nd Amendment Rally Feb 8- Not in AZ???

Brand new here.  Seems that the rest of the country is rallying to support the 2nd Amendment this coming Friday, yet we are doing so on the 16th.  I realize that the 8th is a Friday- people work, etc., but when did this get easy or convenient?  Too late to change now, but are we all not better served by tighter coordination with groups across the country rather than diluting our strength????  If I've missed something, set me straight.

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Comment by Michael Ryan Bedwell on February 1, 2013 at 10:19am

There are still some people going on the 8th. I am one of them. The problem is communication and coordination between groups. This has caused the rally events to compete with guns shows, which are frequent in our state. is a good site to join, not only for information in regards to firearm safety, maintenance, training, etc. There is a lot of information on the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms, plus gatherings and information on legislation.

Overall it seems that the conservative groups are too divided and need a more efficient way to coordinate. Additionally, the Republican Party needs to go back to supporting conservative values and backing the people of this nation. We need a strong conservative movement in the country to get it back on track!

Additionally, we need some outreach programs to help our neighbors in need. Food donations, meetings, job assistance, etc. Conservatives need to make there presence known to those that are in need. This is our duty as members of this society. We all need to be involved as much as possible!

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