Fellow patriots,

With only 6 day left until judgment day, I know many of you are REALLY TIRED of hearing my rants and I thank you all for staying with me even though
I have been repetitious, combative, and downright nasty at times. I
will have many fences to mend and many friendships to repair after
November 2nd. I assure you that this will be my final plea and request
to hear me out for my reason for not voting for the status quo...

Once again this evening, I was told by yet another friend... "I checked the box for McCain. It was a vote for me and the citizens of AZ and the USA,
not for McCain."

Here is my reply, and after this, I will move on knowing that I did all I could to try to stop the current political cycle we are in...

"Sorry to hear that ---, but I respect your honesty. I'm with Diane. There is no way EVER again that I would cast that vote for the most extremely non-conservative
Republican. The libs are drooling over the anticipation of getting
McCain back, or should I say King Rino ( although the votes are still
coming in). Many, many of my good friends have cast votes for McCain
and I respect them all the same. We as true patriots will all have our
own reasons for voting the way we do. I can see both sides of the
argument. But I pose this question. Couldn't it be said every election
cycle that we must vote Republican to defeat the liberals? And if that
statement is true, then if we all vote Republican every time no matter
what poor excuse for a patriot they nominate, then what will hold them
accountable? I say the time is now to scramble some eggs while the tea
party movement is strong. I say it is time to hold McCain (and the
Republican party) accountable. No matter the consequences!!! A no vote
this time around for the R for AZ's US Senate seat will show the ENTIRE
nation that McCain's big government policies are not acceptable to the
tea party movement. Just my humble opinion. Here are some examples of
how some of my friends feel...

What some PC’s did tonight… http://www.gilacourier.com/?p=5647JOHN

Protesters! Quick someone call the cops http://sonoranalliance.com/2010/03/08/protesters-quick-someone-call... JOHN MCCAIN PROTEST: ROUND 2 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=12640&id=1727838384&l...

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Comment by JPD on October 29, 2010 at 8:56am
Humble opinion accepted; please accept mine – Hayworth sucks as much as McCain.

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