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The Messiah of AZ. GOP Robert Graham held a press conference at the State Capitol today with out the PRESS! No T-V stations even the reporter for the Az. Republic News paper didn't pay him any atention. He did have about 8-10 at the most of his loyal followers. Of course Chad Heywood his enforcer that makes sure I don't go inside GOP HQs was there. Robert Graham had this down to a ' T ' he only answered pre aproved questions! Just like Obama. I tryed to ask if he had talked to Jan Brewer about this Healthcare? Tim Sifert the communicator was quick to ask me to be quiet as the the people that were asking the questions were doing a job and getting payed! I said that just like Robert Graham was doing us a job ? No this was nothing more than a Photo-op for Robert Graham's B-S! 

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Comment by El Chivo on May 29, 2013 at 7:39am

At the next rino pig meeting at Rep. Hq. we must be there to express our love for them.


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