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just got back from the first showing of this is a must see!!!!!! 

anyone that questions our defense budget/spending should be made to sit through this movie....and then, knowing that this is a true depiction of the dangers facing our nation and of the courageous patriots protecting us, i dare them to look those patriots and their families in the eye and tell them our defense spending is out of control.

in 1952 defense was 68% of our total outlays and 13% of GDP; human resources 17% of outlays and 3% of GDP.

2012 defense is 18% of total outlays and 4% of GDP, human resources 65% of outlays and 15% of GDP.

protecting our liberties is the primary constitutional mandate/job of the federal gov't. it is time to reverse the trend noted above and return our nation to the Constitutional Republic intended by our founders.

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