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Why, as important as this is to our Country, do I have to search so hard and find so little support for this event? Is there something negative about this planned event I'm not aware of? Is this event doomed to fail or fizzle out? Are we going to let the media and administration marginalize this and convince us it's not worth attending? Guess those Egyptian have more or bigger cajones than our whimpy Patriots? They pulled 30 mil. How are we going to perform? Why aren't people talking, planning and recruiting every day? I want to hear people talking about this! RECRUITING!!!

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Comment by Bill Walker on February 19, 2014 at 8:05am
Disappointing. I and members of my group were looking forward and making travel plans. More and more are at that point that they feel nothing less than a Cairo or now Kiev level demonstration is due and the only avenue we have to effect the curtailment of this administration's war on Americans. I tend to agree and even though I fear the upheaval this would cause I'm also more fearful of what our Country will look like in 3 more years. I'd certainly appreciate info on this "profound development" you refer to especially why you feel it will be more substantial than putting 30 million Patriots in DC?
Comment by Chris Rossiter on February 18, 2014 at 1:56pm

Bill, while there was early enthusiasm, it turns out the AS event is not well thought out and may, at the worst, have false flag elements to it.  That concern is shared by several tea party folks nationwide.  There is something much more profound in development that should emerge over the next couple of months; you will like it.

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