I would suggest that EVERYONE verify that they are registered to vote! 

It may sound like something you do not need to do, but you could be mistaken.

My husband and I have not only been registered, but have been getting early ballots for many years.  We did not receive our early ballots for the election in February.  My husband tried to contact the county recorder’s office, but was put on what seemed like permanent hold.  Since he did not speak with anyone we went to the polls to cast our ballots.  NO PROBLEM.

We both received our new voter id cards in the mail.  NO PROBLEM.

We did not receive our early ballots for the primary coming up next week.  We were not worried because we can always go to the polls again.  I decided yesterday to again contact the county recorder’s office to find out why we stopped receiving our early ballots.  They researched my information and stated that they had no idea why I would not receive my ballot but they would send me another.  NO PROBLEM.

Because they could not discuss my husband’s information with me, he called them today.  He was told he was INACTIVE!  They gave him a vague answer that he must not have responded to something sent in the mail.  BIG PROBLEM!

This could have already happened to you!

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Comment by Grits on August 28, 2012 at 8:38am

Something is not right ..........   Both my husband and I were INACTIVE !! and I was a PC !!  What is going on ???   Is this happening in BOTH parties or just registered Republicans ????  I would like to know.

Comment by Karen Szatkowski on August 23, 2012 at 11:16am

Paul & I didn't have a problem.  We got them in the mail, voted & sent them back.

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