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Arizona Legislature gets the disease....

The Arizona State Legislature has announced that the fact that the Democratic Party picked up seats in the legislature in this election is a sign that the people of Arizona want them to work in a more bipartisan way with the other party.

Here we go again.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  Why do so many so-called Republicans fail to understand the most basic truths of the two-party system?  Those of us who voted for Republican candidates did so because we ABHOR the leftist agenda engulfing the nation like a cancer, and want to FIGHT AGAINST it with everything we’ve got!  If we wanted a bunch of weak-willed pansies who would just throw up their hands in defeat—even while still enjoying a strong majority—and run over to coddle and elevate the enemy, then we could have all just voted for the other party in the first place.

And that’s exactly what it is when Republicans start to “reach across the aisle”—capitulation to the enemy.  The left sees the right as the enemy, and will never compromise or surrender to us—why are we so stupid as to see them as any different?  Those who believe in powerful, far-reaching government at the expense of liberty and personal responsibility are the enemy of all who wish to remain a free people—no matter what party they belong to.  Republicans who “reach across the aisle” when we maintain a clear majority are either ignorant fools or they are the enemy, and they need to be called out to demonstrate through their actions which of the two they are.

So why did the Republican Party lose seats in the last election?  Without going into too much boring detail, there are several reasons I can see.  Among these are changing demographics to some extent, concerted effort by the other party—including union activism and outright fraud (Arizona is far from immune to the massive fraud seen in the swing-states in the Presidential election), and the failure of the Republican Party to inspire loyalty among the state’s conservative-minded populace.

To this last point, I would say a large part of it is the aforementioned failure of the party to stand firm on conservative principles.  As is the case at the national level, the party has been infiltrated and largely taken over by progressives and other statists who either through ignorance or personal ambition have failed to follow conservative principles.

Another major factor in their loss of support, I believe, is the fact that so many of the Republicans  in the legislature and senate continue to make such absolute jacka$$es of themselves.  How many of those fools have disgraced themselves in spectacularly public fashion in the last 2 years?  The party has clearly not attracted the best and the brightest.  It seems to have attracted a very lowly breed of petty and ambitious narcissists who see their state office as a stepping stone in their own political or financial enrichment.  The Peter Principle is in full display in the Arizona Republican Party, where far too many of those who reach office have succeeded in rising above their level of competence—in some cases well above.

It’s time to purge the Arizona Republican Party of those who are unable or unwilling to stand on conservative principles.  We must be a voice in the ear of those who will and a thorn in the side of those who will not.  We need to be active in the petitioning process to get true conservatives on the ballot against statist imposters. Never before has it been as true as now:  The price of liberty is eternal vigilance!

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Comment by JPD on November 17, 2012 at 10:32pm

More people need to carry tape recorders. Nothing like calling them down using their own words.

Comment by Moxie on November 16, 2012 at 8:21pm

Oh Joe! Do we have to!?

@Jeff's reference to voter fraud I have a young lady that works with me...she is a young mother, 19 or 20, that loves talking to me about politics as well as other things. Anyway on voting day she came into work around noon and told me she had just gone over to La Jolla High School to cast her vote. She informed a poll worker that she had forgotten her early ballot.

Guess what he told her!!!! You cannot vote here because you cannot vote twice and we do not know whether you have sent in your ballot!

I was livid I told her oh no this is not so you can do a provisional ballot. The store owner happened to be there and she said the same thing. I told her she needed to go with this person and get this straightened out!

She did and it was!  My point many people young and inexperienced as well as older, were turned away never questioning this logic!?

Comment by JPD on November 16, 2012 at 9:58am

Look at how many districts for the State House and Senate went unopposed by the other party in the general. Ask yourself if the female gender that were present in the pre-primary bi-partisan planning meetings also smoked cigars as they hashed out, carved out which party was ENTITLED TO WHICH DISTRICT.

Why didn’t the parties, either party Republican or Democrat get the word out about running a candidate where there were none to oppose the other?  

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