Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett instructs LD13 Candidate Russ Jones to go ahead and campaign?

Early last week (October 16, 2012) voters started receiving mailers form Russ Jones saying he is a “write-in candidate” for Arizona House Representative Legislative District 13. Russ Jones has stated that Arizona’s “Chief Election Officer” Secretary Of State Ken Bennett has given him (Jones) the green light to send out mailers and conduct campaign activities, even when he is not listed on the official Secretary of State write-in candidate list.

But, Russ Jones is ‘INELIGIBLE’ to run as a write-in as he lost to Darin Mitchell in the primary according to Arizona’s ‘SORE LOSER’ law. Reviewing A.R.S. § 16-343 Russ Jones is clearly ineligible to run at this time as Darin Mitchell is not dead, hasn’t resigned and the court has not ruled on his (Mitchell’s) eligibility.

If Secretary Bennett has indeed given Russ Jones the go ahead, wouldn’t that constitute election fraud by not following established laws? If Secretary Bennett indeed instructed a ‘sore loser’ candidate to proceed in the absence of any stipulations having been satisfied within A.R.S. § 16-343, could that be construed as election tampering? And if Russ Jones is indeed ‘ineligible’ could his mailers and campaigning activities be construed as election tampering?

For early details and clarity on this saga, review Jones intends to be write-in candidate for House seat Yuma Sun October 03, 2012 9:58 PM, and Jones says write-in planned if candidate tossed Updated Yuma Sun Oct 10, 2012 4:54 AM MST.

Russ Jones has stated publically that Arizona Secretary Ken Bennett gave him the green light to campaign, where LD13 voters started receiving “write-in” mailers from ‘sore loser’ Russ Jones around October 16. In the link Jones says write-in planned if candidate tossed Updated it states “Oral arguments will be presented to the full appellate court on Oct. 22, with a decision expected by Oct. 25 on whether Mitchell will be eligible for office, said Jones' attorney, Thomas Ryan.”

I heard that the October 22 hearing occurred this past Thursday more likely Friday(18th/19th)? But never mind, it was still after the Jones write-in mailers starting arriving, after Bennett said go head. A ‘sore loser’ per state law who says he has permission…… from the Secretary of State the “Chief Election Officer” whose duties are link.

If Bennett gave the green light to Jones, ask yourself, what did Bennett know and when? Ask yourself if the court is involved? In the absence of an official ruling as to if carpetbagger Mitchell is on the ballot, or off the ballot, Russ Jones lost the primary – he is a sore loser by Arizona law.  

Gee, this is as good a place as any to say, if anyone has any objections to what I’ve stated so far or anything after, please correct me as it’s only an opinion, based on what appears to be, at least to me, true.

In the meantime the GOP Legislative District 13 Chairman has contacted all write-in candidates, at least that is what the Chair is telling the write-ins contacted. The Chair wants to meet with them, but when the Chair found out one of the write-ins was activity campaigning, making phone calls, the Chair called him up and got cross with them. Nothing like a little self-interest peddling going on – nothing like a bit of political free speech.

The real issue here is ballot integrity, your vote, does it count or is it in the hands of those who count the votes?

It most definitely appears to me that the AZGOP Inc., top to bottom are playing games with the ballot to get "the" person they want into the State House. Based on the testimony given in court by Darin Mitchell, regardless of any court decision (on or off ballot), the State House will refuse to seat Mitchell if he happens to win. Upon the State House refusing to seat him, the decision as to who takes his place is out of the hands of the voters as it goes to the GOP players in LD13 – plain and simple defrauding the voters. LD13 just, within a week removed officers and replaced them with players – or cards as in stacking the deck.

Another twist: Mitchell has taken some $22,300 plus in clean elections money. After the court decided he didn’t live in LD13 therefore could NOT be on the ballot, he was going to have to return all the clean elections money. But on appeal based on how he was served, Mitchell remained on the ballot. He doesn’t have to return the money – your money which is a big financial relief for Mitchell – enough for the GOP INC……. to secure his complicity.

That’s what it looks like to me, but I just may be wrong about everything?

Are early ballots dated when they are received by the Secretary of State because any votes for Russ Jones prior to the day the court rules on Darin Mitchell’ eligibility are void.

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