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Charlotte Iserbyt - Full Interview - The Secret History Of Western Education

[At around 35:00 she will tell you the purpose of public education

and how she was treated for bringing it up to her superiors]


Taken from New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition

How Education is Used to Make America UNFREE

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Back in 1999, thanks to 1994 “school reform” in Massachusetts, laws dictated that we no longer had teacher tenure and had to be ‘retrained’, and then re-apply for our jobs.

We teachers were asked to sign a new contract that contained a rather strange mission statement – it asked us if we would pledge to teach the ‘mission of world government’. These videos and books will help you understand why.

I wish I still had that paper! (I think it’s in the mess somewhere in my house…) For revealing this fact, I have been called a liar, among other things. But we teachers all know it was true and we refused to do it after I called a meeting and told the others what it was about.

Here is Charlotte Iserbyt, my friend, revealing all about the Skull and Bones Society of Yale, and how they were but one of the many groups of elites bent on bringing in the NWO with their control of education; and the purpose of bringing about Fabian socialism for the USA and the rest of the world. Her father was one of the Yale “Bonesmen” (along with people like all Bushes, William F. Buckley, and John Kerry), thus giving her access to many of their books of secrets. Because of her family connections, she was appointed to the Reagan administration as second in charge of education in the DOE (she told me personally that this was why, despite having no other qualifications to have the job other than being on small boards and committees locally).

Once she blew the whistle on the DOE she wrote a 5″ thick book using all the documents she stole before she left the job. It is called “Deliberate Dumbing Down”. I am proud to have an autographed copy which she dedicated to my activism with an inscription in the front. After she blew the whistle on the DOE, she knew she’d be fired so she did not return to work the next day.

This is the way world communism for the one world order is being infused into our society by both Democrats AND Republicans. The Yale contingent is but ONE of these insidious groups, some others being the CFR, Club of Rome, and Open Society… etc.. There are scores of them, sadly. And when we allowed the Federal Reserve to take over in 1913, we gave up our sovereignty to these world bankers who control everything and basically we nullified our emergence as a free country, independent from the oligarchy in Europe, something our forefathers had given their lives for.

Watch this series when you have time to sit and let it SINK IN.

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:

Bonus link:
[At around 35:00 she will tell you the purpose of public education and how she was treated for bringing it up to her superiors]

Visit Charlotte’s website and download her book, free in PDF format:

Another one of her sites with much more information:


 For all we do today, is for tomorrow.

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