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Article V Con-Con...or whatever they are calling it today.

How to reign in the Government without an Article V, Convention of States, Con-Con, etc. or better known as, Should States enforce the Constitution or change the Constitution?

Mark Levin who wrote a great book in 2005 called Men In Black, has came out with another great thought provoking book in 2013 titled The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. (Threshold Editions, 272 pages) As in the first book, Mark makes some very valid points and I found myself agreeing with him many, many times. But I do take issue with his VERY RISKY proposal in the later book, especially in our current politically charged environment, of implementing a strategy to use a Constitutional Convention to affect change.

So many conservatives are mad as hell that I keep calling his proposal a Con-con, mostly because THEY were against a con-con in the past, and con-con is perceived, rightly so, as a “bad” word. Call Mark’s proposal anything you want, and in my mind, it’s ill advised.

Restoring our Country’s republic can be attained only one way, the old fashion way, hard work. The traditional constitutionalist standard operating procedure is to educate the electorate enough so that we get a constitutionalist majority elected on all levels from National to state, county and city.  Adherence to the Constitution must be a priority for our elected officials just as the Founding Fathers had intended.

Too many Conservatives, due to frustration, are falling into the trap of “change”. While change is good in some case, this is one instance where the only change needed, is for more people to be educated on these types of matters.

I close with an excerpt from my friends at the New American; the movement to restore the Constitution, however, has encountered a fork in the road. One path builds on the Tenth Amendment movement by introducing and passing measures in state legislatures to nullify various unconstitutional federal laws, such as federal firearms laws and ObamaCare. Let’s call this choice, “States Enforce the Constitution.” The adherents of the second path seek to convince constitutionalists that what’s needed to rein in the federal government is a constitutional convention (Con-Con) as provided for by Article V of the Constitution to propose some new amendments to the Constitution. Let’s call this choice, “States Revise the Constitution.”

Think about it and Ride Safe,

Tim R.

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Comment by Cigar on January 16, 2014 at 4:47pm

Agreed JPD

Comment by JPD on January 16, 2014 at 4:08pm

NO Con-Con, no way. Nullification is good but educating our youth is even better for the long run.

If the Tea Party would’ve gone after school boards form the get go things would have been a lot different today. 

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