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AZ Senate Race – Urban Land Institute & Wil Cardon’s Smart Growth Committee: Agenda 21? (part 3)

Wil Cardon (Wilford R. Cardon) for US Senate supports Agenda21 / ICLEI by INFORMED CONSENT or WILLFUL IGNORANCE. Wil Cardon is Co-Founder and Co-Chairman from inception(2007) of Arizona Urban Land Institute’s “SMART GROWTH COMMITTEE”.

Rosa Koire, DEMOCRATS AGAINST U.N. AGENDA 21  speaking at the Surprise Tea Party May 1, 2012 responded , ‘ULI and Agenda21 are intimately interwoven’  when asked if ULI (the Urban Land Institute) was associated with Agenda21.

Arizona State Senator, Judy Burges was present and recognized by Ms. Koire for her introduction of State Senate Bill SB 1507 (United Nations Rio declaration: prohibition).  It’s legislation as such that will greatly slow this cancer, but as it didn’t pass the Arizona House.

ULI (Urban Land Institute) = ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) = Agenda21 = DICED (The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development).

It’s the intent of Agenda21 (treaty) to bring into existence ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under the guise of environmental concerns, environmental crisis, overpopulation…………… simply blaming it on people by jerking their emotions: DICED is UN’s Environmental Constitution for the World.

It’s the burden that man places on the earth that Agenda21, ICLEI, ULI and countless others are attempting to inject into the subconscious beginning with preadolescent students.   Glance through the countless others link, just scroll down and see how many NGO’s and ULI’s you see, then hit the main page link at the bottom!

NGO’s, “Non-Governmental Organizations” is the main vehicle being used to circumvent WE THE PEOPLE, it takes us out of the decision process of representative government being our towns, cities, counties, states and country. It’s the taking of our country without firing a shot. It’s the means our elected officials knowingly and unknowingly employ to justify entering into “PRIVATE-PUBLIC” funded projects.

NGO’s are the pandemic virus they have been warning us about (visit the three part MP3 audio).

ULI, the Urban Land Institute is a NGO, in fact research is now focusing on the relationship between ULI’s founding Mission Statement from 1936 and current day relationships. It appears that the United Nations “Action Committee” of 1985 that was charged (commissioned) to set the policies and agenda (5 years out) of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development 1992 used ULI’s mission statement as a template.

Wil Cardon for US Senate Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Arizona Urban Land Institute’s “SMART GROWTH COMMITTEE”: Cardon as Senator, is a risky investment for the future sovereignty of the United States of America. His involvement with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), where ULI is intimately interwoven with Agenda21 and ICLEI, disqualifies him from becoming one of one hundred most powerful individuals in the world, a Senator in the United States Senate.

It is the United States Senate that ratifies International Treaties on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE. How would Wil Cardon vote as a US Senator on International Treaties in relation to Agenda21, or ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), or ULI (Urban Land Institute), or even his companies who are heavily invested in raw land development, planned communities, SMART GROWTH, urban development, SUSTAINABILITY, to include the various investment groups he and his family and companies own or are associated with? Add the fact that we currently have issues with insider trading in the US Congress. Perhaps Cardon is an example of an outsider going INSIDE Congress to use their OUTSIDE information inside.

INFORMED CONSENT or WILLFUL IGNORANCE: either/or disqualifies Wil Cardon from being considered for election as a U.S. Senator, again, it’s my opinion that Wil Cardon is a threat to the SOVEREIGNTY of the United States of America and our Constitution.

INFORMED CONSENT disqualification simply is Wil Cardon knows; he’s WITH KNOWLEDGE in whole or part of what Agenda21 is about and Urban Land Institutes’ complicity.

WILLFUL IGNORANCE disqualification simply is Wil Cardon doesn’t know or KNOWINGLY avoids becoming informed.

Last September when researching Wil Cardon for US Senate (Arizona), this article popped up; Developers’ ‘smart growth’ doesn’t agree with cities’ ideas dated Aug 15, 2008. It had all the key elements of Agenda21 so down the rabbit hole with ULI, and Wil Cardon.

Following are a few links for review, the YouTube videos are a gold mine, what they say, don’t say and the body language is great.

Greg J. Vogel – Moderator, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Land Advisors Organization, is this a NGO?

Urban Land Institute (CLUE): Climate, Land Use and Energy…….. Clue – how apropos! Reads like Agenda21 to me.

If any of THE LINKS ARE BROKEN in this article/blog, advise as screen shots and pdf’s are on file for the majority of items that typically get washed off the Internet when the TARGET realizes their documentation is used against them, anything ICLEI is the worst.

SPECIAL REPORT Smart Growth; Shadow players in the new world order. (120528 broken link

Thomas R. Cuba, Ph.D., CEP, CLM agrees  “ Urban Land Institute (ULI), are also deeply interwoven into the fabric which I will attempt to explain.”

The Garrison Institute’s Climate Cities and Behavior (CCB) program. We also spread the word through key groups such as ICLEI, the Urban Land Institute, the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, the C-40 and the US Green Building Council.

The Garrison Institute’s  Climate Mind and Behavior (CMB) program. Meet Ms. Smart Meter aka Smart Grid: review the last hyperlink on this page, go to page 11 – consumer side.  Note, “Among CMB’s many collaborators are the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the Urban Land Institute, ICLEI…………”

Anybody care to go down the rabbit hole on Garrison?

ICLEI = Agenda21. They sure love the traction the NGO’s provide. ULI = NGO.

ULI purveyor: UrbanPlan, has this been vetted by the US Dept of Ed? Have school boards approved? Do parents know or is this just more NGO’s going around…… let’s see what did they say in this link(?) representative democracy. A program developed by UC Berkeley (FCREUE) – how about

This series of short YouTube vides on ULI is sure to catch your attention. The videos stream automatically one after the other. In the first video catch how the “Feds moved the market” (who’s the FED, our tax money). “NAME YOUR MARKET” is another ULI quote – hunting for your money to fund their “PRODUCT.” The fourth video is interesting, ask yourself what PRODUCT means: to them it means ‘public private partnership’ what they can get you the tax payer to pay for where they are not at risk, “”access”" to political figures all on the backs of you the tax payer.  Be sure to view video 6 “financing who pays for retrofitting” – private public partnership. No wonder Cardon wants to be a Senator. video #

1 U.S. – Government impact on economic recovery – Fall 2010

2 U.S. – What’s the mood in Washington? – Fall 2010

3 U.S. – Occupier sentiments from ULI – Fall 2010

4 U.S. – Product Council: The challenges of private/public partnerships – Fall 2010

5 U.S. – Bringing shoppers back to the malls – Fall 2010

6 U.S. – A Sustainable Future? – Fall 2010

7 U.S. – Big Move for Multifamily – Fall 2010

8 U.S. – It pays to go green – Fall 2010

9 U.S. – Dealing with distress – Fall 2010

10 U.S. – Value Climb for Note Sales – Fall 2010

11 U.S. – Industrial Revolution – Fall 2011 Etc………………………..

EPA Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities     

Smart Growth America ULI in good company.  

Your tax dollars at work… Private – Public funding NGO’s at play.


AZ Senate Race- Urban Land Institute & Wil Cardon’s Smart Growt...

AZ Senate Race – Urban Land Institute & Wil Cardon’s Smart Grow...

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