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AZ Voters Misled by Senator Ward’s Political Double Talk

Supt. Douglas never supported SB 1469
Watch this Video 

One of the poorest excuses used by some AZ GOP Senators for Voting for the Amended SB 1469 is, “they pressured us”. I've asked just what type of pressure can be put on a "Part Time Elective Office"? Which only comes with a Parking Spot and Office, (No Response Given). Supt. Douglas never supported SB 1469 stated at SCW GOP Meeting Jan 02, 2016 question asked by AZS’ U. S. Senate Candidate

Clair Van Steenwyk. Watch the Video.

Reading several articles about Sen. McCain and Sen. Ward I've found them uninformative as to Factual Information and missing some very important Facts as relates to the 2016 AZ GOP US Senate Race and Sen. Ward's Record vs. Rhetoric. Why is nothing  said about Ward's refusing to attend Candidate Forums with myself and other challengers as Ward clearly states she’ll only come to Forums if Sen. McCain, is there or by herself. Although I do understand Ward not wanting her Legislative Record exposed to voters is causing some to ask, what has Ward to fear? Sen. McCain had a similar strategy in 2010 cycle and now in 2016 as well. Many would take great pleasure in seeing Ward explain to voters why she obeyed AZ GOP Leadership or why we whould believe she wouldn't do the same in DC. Ward followed orders from leadership by Amending Bills SB 1038 ( Read Link) & HB 2184 (Read Link) that addressed the conflict about those two employees Supt. Douglas fired, as to who had the authority she or Ducey and / or the Board of Czars. Well if Ducey and / or the Board of Czars really had the authority, then why did they amend these bills, creating a new law handing the authority over to the Board of Czars of ED (a violation of current State Personnel Rules and Regulations), using excuses by saying we're all Republicans and must along and saying Supt. Douglas said it was Okay. (So if someone says it’s okay to violate your Oath of Office & AZ Constitution … you will … as proven with Ward's Amendments and Votes?).

I and others testified  (Watch Video @ 20:10 sec.) in front of Ward's Sen. Ed Committee asking them not to vote for Ward's Amendment to HB 2184 to no avail. After Ward got it passed out of her committee and the Senate, a group of concerned active citizen/parents who opposed Ward's Amendment lobbied the House against it and Won. Our Win, Ducey and Ward's Loss, that's why Ducey needed the Amendment to SB 1469, (Read Link / 4 Line Making Board an Agency) where there was No EXCUSE for Ward and 14 other GOP Senators that voted to the amended SB 1469 which stripped the Supt. of Instruction’s authority over 11 full time employees assigning them to the Board of Education with 1.7 Million initial funding, additionally making the Board an Agency aka expanding government (all that was left needing was One Democrat to make it Law) and we all know GOP is supposed to be for smaller Government, don’t we? It's LAW...[they began to spend tax monies before the bill appropriated them!] 

One of the poorest excuses used by some AZ GOP Senators for Voting for the Amended SB 1469 is, “they pressured us”. I've asked just what type of pressure can be put on a "Part Time Elective Office"? Which only comes with a Parking Spot and Office, (No Response Given).

Some GOP Elites are now saying Ward's the most qualified challenger, the definition for them must be Ward followed orders from leadership in AZ and will do the same in DC.  We don’t need more of the same do we?

It's unfortunate that these aren't the issues that the press is talking about as I've traveled to several GOP LDs / Groups and Tea Party’s where they didn’t realize what took place and/or accepted Ward's and others excuses.  Most GOP Senators aren’t bragging about this and I'm sure they don't want the Uninformed or Misinformed knowing how GOP Conservatives are serving us in Arizona. Voters must take a closer look at this, as Ward is building a base that hasn’t responded to the facts very well, as those I’ve spoken to accept the story of Supt. of Instruction Douglas saying it was Okay.  This flies in the face of the Voters who testified in front of Ward's Senate Ed Committee telling them it was Unconstitutional but they did it because they followed the orders of GOP Leadership meaning Gov. Ducey, which doesn’t serve our state or nation well in this critical time. I'm running against two Politicians, Ward and McCain who’ve done what they’re told to do by GOP leadership at the expense of the Voters. So examine their Records vs. Rhetoric.

Funds are needed to be Victorious in AZS’ US Senate Race and  we’re depending on those who encouraged us and other Freedom loving Americans to now donate on site or mail to; 13726 W. Gable Hill Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Or you can donate by clicking on the blue donate button above.

I am speaking statewide and available to meet with any groups or private citizens upon request you can contact us on the site, call the scheduler at 602-740-4165 or send email to

Time to Stop them from Digging a Deeper Hole and Fill this One in on them. Voting for Incumbents and expecting a different result is Einstein’s definition of Insanity, look at the results of Re-Electing Incumbents or Promoting them as well, let’s not forget the Promises of now Sen. Flake in 2012 as to the Border and More. 

Read More about Arizona Voters Betrayed.

God Bless You All;
Clair Van Steenwyk

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