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AZS’ Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to Qualify for August 30th, 2016 GOP Primary Ballot

Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to QUALIFY for ARIZONA’s 2016 U.S. Senate Primary Ballot by turning in Over 10,000 Signatures!

THANK YOU Nomination Petition Circulators and Voters who signed… WE DID IT and ‘did it’ without having to buy a single Petition Signature which shows what can be accomplished by a true GRASSROOTS Campaign. By turning in 10,000 plus signatures (180%)  “WE” exceeded the required 5,790 signatures to get my name on the ballot, and more than doubled the 30% additional signatures required in the event of a nomination petition challenge.

My PROMISE to signers and circulators to have my name on the (their) Ballot if WE obtained the required amount of nomination signatures has been kept. VAN STEENWYK, CLAIR as promised will appear on Arizona’s August 30, 2016 Republican Primary Ballot for United States Senate.

My wife Jean and I along with our Campaign Scheduler Ron & wife Louise Gosselin want to THANK each and every one of YOU who volunteered to get Petition Signatures, and THANK YOU to all the VOTERS who took the time to sign, who took thousands of cards with all the issues etc. on them and the countless voters taking more to give friends.

If you’d like me to Speak with your group be it a group of neighbors, friends, any group please contact my campaign scheduler Ron Gosselin at 602 740 4165 or Having now Qualified to “be on the ballot‘‘ we look forward to hearing from Maricopa County Legislative District 4,13,15,16,17,24 and 26 and all others in AZ except LD 14 which we’ve spoken at. We’d also like to hear from the GOP & Tea Party Groups who’ve not yet responded to our requests to present the campaign to your groups as well.

We know we’ll do very well in August and far better than the fixed polling that has been done by those I’m running against.  I believe after countless hours of research, national and state that those running against me have no idea what the Real Arizona Voter is thinking as AZ Voters don’t listen to the so called experts… who does that remind you of? Don’t they realize WE don’t trust those who say one thing and do another or have no real record of doing anything.  I have a record of fighting the GOP Establishment and will continue to do so when elected.

We are now moving on to the Campaign needed to bring about the Victory where we’re all looking forward to August and then onto November. We will be Tearing Down the WALLS built by the GOP, McCain and Ward one brick, one layer at a time: walls built with excessive sand in place of cement, sand like Rhetoric makes a weak structure.

God Bless You All; Clair & Jean Van Steenwyk
AZS’ Grassroots GOP US Senate Candidate & Former President of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots

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