Benjamin Bird's first (and only?) blog post.

I probably won't do a blog on this Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots Social Network. My real blog is at I write about politics, the news, religion, silly stuff, literature, education, my life... um, I have a lot of poems and stories and essays on there, too, especially on my entries from a long time ago. But these days on Telemoonfa Time I mostly write about politics, both local and national, which should be of interest to many of you reading this.

Right now I'm involved in Jeff Smith's campaign. Jeff Smith is running for Congress against incumbent Jeff Flake in Arizona's 6th congressional district. I have a sign in my yard, a bumpersticker on my car, I've convinced a lot of my relatives and friends to vote for him, I've hosted a Jeff Smith Meet and Greet, sometimes I wear a Jeff Smith button when I'm out and about, I've spent maybe 6 - 7 hours making phone calls, and I even knocked on a few doors. I plan on doing more of that stuff as August 24th approaches. Jeff Smith is a candidate I really believe in. If anybody wants Jeff Smith signs, bumberstickers, flers, brochures, and you live in the Queen Creek or San Tan Valley area, let me know and I can get them to you.

Also, I recently got a certificate in the mail saying that I'm an elected Precinct Commiteeman in Voting Precinct 88 in Pinal County. That's cool. So... I'm not sure how long my interest and activism in politics will last, but I hope it will last a good long while, because our country needs help.


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