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Comment by Karen Szatkowski on January 29, 2012 at 11:49am

I totally agree!  And just look where American compassion and kindness has landed us and just look at how we are thought of because of it.  They say we don't have the right to secure our own country!  BS!

Comment by G&L Cole on January 29, 2012 at 10:05am

Man how I miss the Gipper.  I was pretty young and naive when he occupied the oval office so I never fully understood and appreciated his wisdom until now.

My only real gripe with Reagan was his amnesty of 1986.  He allowed his emotions get the best of him instead of using logic and the rule of law.  This bad choice birthed dozens of radical liberal Hispanic/Latino groups such as La Raza, MEChA, etc. which contain millions of hate filled racists whose only desire is to usurp our nation and Constitutional laws as puppets of Mexico.  However in defense of Reagan, it was supposed to be a one and only one time event in history with the promise of our southern borders being FULLY secured.  Nor did the Gipper have the gift of hindsight to see the devastation his humanitarian act would bring our nation 30 years later.  

We who are alive in 2012 are now living with a bad choice from 3 decades ago which truly originated in American compassion and kindness. 

We must learn from history least we repeat it to our demise!

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