Here is a list of bills that the Governor has vetoed:


HB2177 (Presidential/Elections certification) Rep. Carl Seel

HB2338 (Special Districts; secondary levy limits) Rep. Justin Olsen

HB2577 (STOs, credits, administration) Rep. Justin Olsen

HB2700 (Arizona Statehood Day) Rep. Mesnard

HB2707 (general fund revenue limit) 42 legislators

SB1088 (health care system; violation) Sen. Sylvia Allen

SB1186 (2011 Tax Corrections Act) Sen. Yarbrough

SB1288 (religion; free exercise, professionals, appointments)  11 legislators

SB1322 (managed competition; city services) Sen. Frank Antenori

SB1365 (paycheck deductions, political purposes) 15 legislators

SB1467 (educational institution; concealed weapons) 8 legislators

SB1552 (corporate tax allocation; sales factor) 26 legislators

SB1561 (legislative appropriation of federal funds) 4 legislators

SB1592 (health care compact; funding) 13 legislators

SB1593 (health insurance; interstate purchase) 16 legislators


I will write more later about these bills. 



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