Your Honorable Governor Brewer, respect is earned not bestowed.

Your Honorable Governor Brewer crying foul in the political arena for what is normal and customary is so peevish.

You what?

Don’t like criticism concerning some of your vetos so far this session!


Threaten to impose more vetos if this criticism doesn’t stop immediately!

YOU WHAT, threatened who in the Senate?

Your Honorable Governor Brewer, veto a bill because it is bad legislation. Veto bills with sound reasoning to do so. Well let me take that back, sound reasoning seems to be absent in your case.

Anyway, good luck with your recall!


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Comment by Kelly Barham on April 28, 2011 at 1:06pm

Hear Hear!!  To many Politicians want it only their way.  Afraid to do what is RIGHT and JUST for all involved.  Criticism is all apart of being in the public eye.  Do what you say you will do and don't change your ways for your own political career and expediency!

  Recall!!  Recall all in public office and go back to being PUBLIC servants who WORK for us not themselves.  Term limits on all.

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