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  • Hey Scott Smith!!You Conservative? My Grandpa said you can go to hell just quick for lying as stealling You and Doug Ducey can be put in a paper bag shook. And guess what! You won't know. WHO IS WHO when you come out you are bouth dizzy in my eyes! Arthur Olivas EL TUDY MEXICAN BANDIT. ps I think you Scott Smith, Doug"Baby John McCain"Ducey, Ken Bennett, Frank Riggs. Are out just like Andy the IMAGE Tobin!Bruce Ash
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  • Robert Graham


  • To: Art Olivas <>
    Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 1:48 PM
    Subject: Re: The political games have begun

    Is there a democrat you would raher see win the election?
O' Hell no!! Are you telling us that you would have one of this Selfserving hands in our puckets Rinos, Communist. Common Core or New World Order NUTS in Office????? As you know We don't ENDORSE any body. But I will tell you that the Latino Tea party will VOTE for someone who has and will  fight Corruption in our State! He has the Reputation and Battle Scar to prove it! Someone Who You Bruce  Ash and the Good O' boys of the State of Arizona ABANDON Knowing full well he was doing the job we ELECTED him to do! If you Bruce Ash and Robert Graham would do 10 %  of the work to clean up Corruption in Arizona as he did. If you Bruce Ash and Robert Graham would defend and protect Arizona from Jan Brewer's-Obamacare, Common core, or save our Religious Freedom just to name a few! Or are you in with them that are hurting Arizona Citizens? Are you telling us that it is better to got screwed by a Republican in name only (RINO) than to have it done by a Demmocrat? Well hell I am getting a little pissed. As you can see. But don't let me lie. Tell us just what big accomplishment you or the other party big WIG Robert Graham has done. Please tell us just one! You stated to Jim that you will keep helping Republicans get Elected! Well two of your best John McCain and Jeff Flake keep reminding us of your kind of Republican. Can you tell us the difference between them and Communist Raul Grijlva! Let the Latino Legal Immigrants be very CLEAR we will be voting for Andrew Thomas!! None of your Rinos can hold a candle to his Qualifications! We will be anxiously waiting for your intelligent answer!!

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Comment by Art and Edwina Olivas on April 12, 2014 at 8:32am

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