Bruce Fein on the Reasons for Impeaching Obama

March 19, 2012 • 8:11AM

On March 15, Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein discussed Representative Walter Jones' House Concurrent Resolution 107 in an interview with Kurt Wallace of Daily Paul Radio.

"It is unconstitutional for President Obama to order a unilateral attack on Iran, as the Constitution exclusively grants to Congress the power to initiate war, Fein said. Any President who initiates war and uses the military offensively, except in response to an actual or imminent attack on Americans on American soil, has committed an impeachable act under Article 2 Section 4", he said. HCR 107 redraws the Constitutional line of authority, which has been watered down in recent decades.

Fein reported seeing support of the bill in the range of 10-to-12 to 1, and urged the public to pressure Congress to assert its authority in the matter.

"We need a robust defense, but defense is not the same as preemptive warfare and anticipatory self-defense around the world", Fein said. We must defend Americans on American soil, but should not squander our defense resources defending everybody else in the world. If we vow to incinerate anyone who dares to attack us, no one will. Iran is no exception, and has repeatedly shown itself willing to negotiate. They know that it would be utterly suicidal to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S. or Israel.

Regarding Leon Panetta's claim that the U.S. only needs international approval to launch an attack on Syria, Fein said that if Panetta believes that, he should be impeached. Anyone who says that—be it Panetta or Obama himself—is basically touting a lawless, unconstitutional action, an impeachable offense. Obama is the President of "We the People of the United States," and owes his allegiance to the People, not to any other organization. We've got to abandon this rather juvenile idea that analyzes politics as a football game, the reds and the blues, the Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys, we win you lose, Fein said. Politics is about trying to make everybody win. Before we're Republicans or Democrats or Independents or Libertarians or neo-cons or whatever, we're all Americans. We need unity behind fundamental principles and values. Certainly, this cannot be viewed as a Republican or Democrat or Libertarian initiative, it's an initiative to uphold the principles of the United States—like prohibiting torture or extra-judicial killings and things of that sort, and protecting due process. We all subscribe to these values because that's what makes us Americans. And that's what will give real teeth and substance and value to the concurrent resolution that I drafted.

Fein warned that our Constitutional discussion has become Orwellian, "as we've migrated from a republic to an empire" and crowned the President with more than monarchical authority—not only the power to go to war unilaterally, but the authority to vaporize any American citizen anywhere in the world he wants to, if he, based upon secret facts and secret law, ordains the vaporization.

But in his "empire" comment, Fein reveals a great flaw in his understanding of history, including the current period. In his Austrian School-colored glasses, Fein does not see the perverting influence of the British Empire and the oligarchic principle, so he attributes to the puppets the actions of the puppetmasters. For all the fine talk about principles, the policies being advocated by the Paul campaign would destroy the U.S. as a nation, and leave the British Empire free to loot and murder the world. These guys need to watch the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report!

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