Bryan Hackbarth U.S. Senate: amongst the mud storm says no MUDSLINGING please!

U.S. Senate Candidate…… recalled Mayor, Youngtown Arizona; my “criminal record” isn’t relevant Bryan Hackbarth, in the midst of an epic negative primary keeps saying he doesn’t like MUDSLINGING aka THE TRUTH.

THE TRUTH is what Wil Cardon is saying about Jeff Flake, and what Jeff Flake is saying about Wil Cardon, as U.S. Senate Candidate Clair Van Steenwyk keeps pointing out; “I agree with both of them, they’re both right about each other.”

So where are the untruths, falsehoods, the MUD Hackbarth, or you just want us to avoid your past character transgressions? Didn’t Hackbarth chose to run …….. but but but “NO mudslinging” – what is he an Ostrich or is that what he wants us be? That in itself certifies Hackbarth as a political candidate.

I say the more mud the better, this call for civility by our elected officials while they stab us, their constituents in the back is a typical cowards ploy akin to a thief stealing our rights under the Constitution of the United States, just more “do as I say not as I do” ………… we will take care of you (the “take care of” part scares me).

Who cares about Hackbarth’s past, for that matter who cares about his presence in this Arizona U.S. Senate race? Out of touch, irrelevant or what?

Nothing personal Hackbarth: but professing your undying admiration for Senators McCain and Kyl; saying you want illegal immigration control yet state that ‘we cannot deport the illegals already here’; saying that elected representative need to cut their pay by 50% to help save the budget. Hackbarth is out of touch, possibly touched. These statements that are representative of the dozens he keeps making on the campaign trail are ridiculous at best.

Hackbarth is suggesting what in the absence of deporting(?), OK you can stay? Isn’t that amnesty without citizenship for now? Isn’t this like enabling someone, enticing them (go look at his website)? Oh Hackbarth will offset their staying by cutting our elected representatives pay by 50%, just what we need more people with compromised self-worth representing us.

What I’m interested in is how many times has Hackbarth and Cardon met privately starting back in October 2011? Perhaps Hackbarth would like to tell us more about the ‘expensive cigars and brewskies’ Cardon buys for them to enjoy together during their meetings. Hummmmmm Cardon, consuming tobacco and alcohol: Hackbarth says we need GOD, Religion back in our lives yet he partakes in that which is explicitly forbidden by Cardon’s religious believe system. What a pair, one throwing mud nonstop the other running away from what is public information.

My vote goes to the Christian Constitutional Republican (in that order per VAN) Clair VAN Steenwyk.

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Comment by DirtyOldMan on August 29, 2012 at 9:39am

I am sorry JPD however I fail to see the relevency of the liberal lefts beliefs in condemning a person based on their "consuming of tobacco and alcohol". I am offended that this was even brought into the campaign. Because I smoke and have an occasional Captain Morgan n diet coke, that makes me less of a conservative than overbearing van? Somehow I doubt, ... ps been to any tequila tastings lately?

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