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Dear James,

Upon detailed analysis of the ballot propositions in Arizona, we have identified some concerns you should be aware of.  Some of the props that appear straightforward are not straightforward at all, and we want to make sure you are aware.  If you have already voted, do not feel badly, but if you have not yet, please consider the following.

Before we get to the props, we would like to address the bond and override votes first.  Unless there is a special exigency in a particular taxing district in which you reside, we recommend a blanket "NO" for all bond and override questions statewide.

Generally, the taxing districts, and this includes school districts, are playing a shell game in terms of what they are telling voters, and there has been no massive reduction in funding or expenditures.  We recommend you take a look at the detailed O&M budgets and Capital budgets if you have any questions.  In many cases, you will have a hard time obtaining those budgets, as they reveal the truth: i.e. that there not only have been very little to no reductions, but throughout the financial "crisis," there have been consistent increases in budgets, though perhaps small in some cases.

On the propositions: Please find here a brief table of Campaign for Liberty's recommendations with explanations a little further down.  (For the ballot language and state legislative service bureau's analysis, CLICK HERE.)

Proposition 114: No
Proposition 115: No
Proposition 116: Yes
Proposition 117: No
Proposition 118: No position, analysis below
Proposition 119: No position, analysis below
Proposition 120: Yes
Proposition 121: No
Proposition 204: No


Proposition 114 - No
On the surface, Prop 114 appears to be something to support. The question, however, is what is the problem this prop is trying to address?  If there were one instance in Arizona we were aware of where a criminal who was injured in the process of committing a felony had sued the individual who they were criminalizing, then it might be an issue.  We are unaware of a single instance of this.  If you are aware of one, and you see this as a real problem, then certainly vote your conscience.  However, without any real and known instances of this situation as a problem in Arizona, should we really tinker with our state Constitution to implement a solution for which there is no known problem?  We think not.

Proposition 115 - No
With this one, again, on the surface, it may appear to be one to support.  However, it modifies our Constitution to "solve" a problem that does not really exist.  If you are personally aware of a specific problem in Arizona that would be solved by this proposition, by all means, please vote your conscience.  We are unable to find one.  Therefore, we do not recommend tinkering with our state's Constitution to address a problem which really does not exist.

Proposition 116 - Yes
This proposition does not do much but encourage small business by raising the business property tax exemption level. Please beware that it appears Prop 116 and 117 may be designed to work together to shift the property tax burden to homeowners and landowners.  Therefore, if you vote yes on 116, please be sure to vote no on 117.

Proposition 117 - No
This proposition is written to appear to control property taxes.  It does NOT do so.  In Arizona, property taxes are set by how much the taxing authorities want to SPEND.  The taxes are then backed into via the property tax rate formula.  While this prop purports to control the assessed values of property, it does nothing to affect rates.  One of the proponents of 117 is even on record stating that control of assessed value "does nothing to limit property tax revenue".  Move slide bar to 1 hour 8 minutes (1:08:00) to watch the video.

Proposition 118 - No position
Relying on others' analysis of this prop, it appears to be ok and doesn't appear to cause damage were it to pass.  Reading the actual language of the constitutional change, it appears that if this prop does not pass, the funding previously coming from the state trust land fund to fund operations of public entities would end.  Less government spending.  Maybe that's a good thing.

Proposition 119 - No position
This proposition appears to allow the state to exchange state trust land in a manner that would allow the state to further other economic goals such as preserving undeveloped land around military installations.  It doesn't appear this prop would cause damage were it to pass.

Proposition 120 - Yes
This proposition would theoretically allow the State of Arizona access, physical or legal, to land and natural resources in the state which belongs to the federal government.  We recommend a yes vote.

Proposition 121 - No
This proposition would consolidate power over all candidacies, primaries, and general elections in the hands of monied interests and deny the ability of normal citizens to influence elections through political parties.  We absolutely oppose this change to the state Constitution.  There is plenty of room for improvement to the state's party system and political process.  THIS IS NOT IT!
Proposition 204 - No
This is a permanent billion dollar per year sales tax increase.  Need we say more?
Please do not hesitate to contact us to engage or reengage in the Arizona Campaign for Liberty once the election cycle is over.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Your Arizona Campaign for Liberty Team

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