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Obama is planning on starting a World Wide War to stay in office.  Read the following and draw your own conclusions:

The Chinese Communist Party's main organ, People's Daily, carried the analysis of China Military Online as its lead op-ed today. It asks "Will U.S., Israel Strike Iran?" and answers, in effect, most likely.

"It is said that the U.S. Department of Defense has submitted a plan to attack Iran with military force. Will the United States and Israel really carry out military operations against Iran at this time or are they just bluffing to pressure Iran? ... the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in charge of military and political affairs Andrew Shapiro said that the United States and Israel will jointly carry out the largest military drill of history in which more than 5,000 soldiers of the two countries will participate.

"Will Israel destroy Iran's nuclear program in the same way [that Israel took out Iraq's nuclear program in a surprise strike 30 years ago? Will the United States and Israel really launch their long-expected attack on Iran? ...

"Once the war takes place, it will not be limited to Iran's territory but rather extend to that of Israel and other countries in the Middle East. Furthermore, if Israel makes hasty use of force, it will likely face the revenge from Lebanon's Hezbollah and Palestine's Hamas. Hamas' thousands of rockets, which are capable of striking Tel Aviv, will produce catastrophic consequences in Israel's interior areas....

"The United States has always believed that Iran has continued to expand its influence over recent years, particularly since the Gulf War and has benefited from multiple wars waged by the United States. The United States is unwilling to see Iran's continuous expansion...

"U.S. never expresses the intention to `rule the world,' but its desire to be the world leader is obvious.... The stronger it becomes, the more obscure the line between `leading the world' and `ruling the world' becomes.

"A worry that the U.S. will lose its global position has resulted from the country's current crisis.... In the Cold War era, the strength of the U.S. could easily protect the Western world. However, as its economy is declining, it is not realistic for the U.S. to regulate the world order alone as before.... The U.S. has tried to subdue the world by its military and economic power and system in the past, but nowadays, it is pursuing private interests.... Due to a worsened economy, the U.S. is returning to a mixture of military and political power.

"Such a mission is hollow, and ultimately doomed to failure. Maybe the U.S. should learn to accept the reality of a multi-polar world and change its mentality."

Iran: Asymmetric War Has Already Been Launched

Nov. 14 (LPAC)--Asymmetric war against Iran has already begun, and the fuse for World War III has already been lit. The only sane course of action now is to remove Obama from the Presidency as Lyndon LaRouche said today in his statement, ``LaRouche: To Stop World War III, Obama Must be Removed from Office Now.'' With Obama in Asia, British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London, and fascist Netanyahu in Israel all threatening Iran with war, time is running out.

The covert war is in play in three areas identified so far: terrorism, technological warfare, and assassinations.

Terrorism: On November 12, an explosion at an Iranian ammunition depot outside of Tehran killed 17 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Command, the IRGC, including two top officers. Brig. Gen. Hassan Moghadam of the IRGC was one of the people killed, and he was actually the leader of the Iranian missile research program, and therefore a very important figure in the Israeli to launch a military strike on Iran.

According to a well-informed Washington intelligence source, recent advances in Iran's missile delivery capabilities is one of the main factors in Netanyahu's rush to war. Although the missile research breakthrough is NOT nuclear specific, Iran's ability to have a long-range missile to hit Israel, even with conventional weapons is considered a casus belli by some Israeli war-hawks. The connection between the ammunition depot explosion and the Israeli war threats is considered likely now that General Moghadam's key position in the missile program is known.

Cyberwar and Sabotage: On Nov. 13, the official news agency IRNA reported that Iranian officials admitted they had uncovered evidence of the "DuQu" computer virus at Iran's nuclear sites, state-controlled IRNA news agency reported. Fox TV reported that Iran's civilian defense agency nuclear head, Gholamreza Jalali announced, "We are in the initial phase of fighting the Duqu virus," but refused to elaborate until a "final report" is provided. DuQu is described by cyber experts as closely related to the Stuxnet virus that was capable of invading and doing wide damage to the nuclear sector in Iran, both energy plants and low enriched uranium projects.

Assassinations: An investigation is underway into the suspicious death of Ahmad Rezaie, son of 2009 Conservative Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaie, who formerly headed the IRGC (1981-1997). Ahmad R. was founded dead in a hotel room in Dubai, with the initial report calling the death a suicide. But his father labeled the death suspicious. While no details have yet been published, Ahmad Rezaie's death is being compared to the hotel room assassination in Dubai of a Hamas leader, who was killed in a very visible way by a Mossad hit team in February, 2010. Washington intelligence sources report that Ahmad Rezaie's killing could be aimed at his father, who is emerging as a strong Conservative opponent of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and is seeking to align with Supreme Leader Khamenei. In 2009, Mohsen R. had challenged the election results that made Admadinejad President, and this angered Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who was taking Ahmadinejad's side at the time. Iranian sources note that Mohsen R. is again trying to become a rising power inside Iran; he is also a target of the Israelis, because he is already under indictment for the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish social welfare center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in which several people were killed.


Nov. 14 (LPAC) -- While Chinese officials challenge the psychotic U.S. President to explain "whose rules" he was referring to on Saturday, Nov. 12, before the APEC CEO meeting, when he threatened punitive actions if China didn't "play by the rules" (see accompanying slug), Obama expanded on his China-bashing rant at his press conference Sunday after the full APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit. Telling China it's time to act like a "grown up," he said Beijing must rapidly revalue its currency by 20-25%, that there had been "slight improvements over the last year, partly because of U.S. pressure, but it hasn't been enough.... The U.S. and other countries feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH."

Obama said he had also lectured President Hu Jintao on intellectual property rights, protectionism, government subsidies to industry, and other free trade mantras. He lied that "the American people across the board -- left, right and center" believe that relations with China are "out of kilter..., as we saw with the recent vote on the Chinese currency in the Senate" (as if the Congress, with a 9% support rating, represented the American people).

Obama lied that China and Russia were in full agreement with him on the danger from Iran, ignoring the fact that both these Eurasian nations recognize that his war policy toward Iran constitutes a threat of global war. An unnamed U.S. official told the Los Angeles Times that Obama intends to show the region that the U.S. will be a "bulwark against China," both militarily and economically. Obama's attacks, despite his claim to want better U.S.-China relations, are setting the stage for that war, especially when coupled with the overt war-mongering madness against China in the Congress.

Obama's major thrust at the Summit was a push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), a Free Trade Agreement being discussed between the "coalition of the willing" in the Pacific region. The TTP is intended to ram free-trade policies down the throats of "our eight partners" in the region (as Obama expressed it), while further isolating China, which is considered unqualified to join. The same L.A. Times article quotes the unnamed U.S. official saying that China "fell short of the standards for inclusion, especially because of the cheap labor."

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