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Catholic Church continues its collaboration with the Obama Administration and the socialist left

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Comment by Karen Szatkowski on May 2, 2011 at 12:50pm
People MUST STAND UP and not only refuse to allow our churches to do these things, we really should make it public and publically denounce their actions and deny them our money and our attendance!  Money talks, especially in the Catholic Church!
Comment by Moxie on May 2, 2011 at 9:11am

Ya know this is not surprising to me in fact the Catholic church in Goodyear, St Thomas Aquinas, is responsible for a program that arranges for refugees to come from other countries and places them in homes that have been foreclosed on. This is really happening and I saw it coming early last year.

However it still did not stop me from feeling incredulous to this fact the following paragraphs are just excerpts from the entire article if you would like to read the whole article visit the

Home for the holidays

Sudan refugees get keys to new home in Goodyear

by Brent Whiting

Just in time for Christmas, refugees from Sudan have recieved the keys to a Goodyear dwelling they can call home. Bol Loal, 33, and his wife, Nyadech Lul, 23, the parents of three children, ages 1 to 6, took possession on Tuesday.

It was made available through a community partnership between Catholic Charities and Maricopa County Department of Human Services. (Taxpayer dollars) Bob Brown of Catholic Charities, said it is the first of seven Goodyear homes to be made available to needy people. (I lived in Goodyear until I lost my home of course that was after my husband and myself lost our jobs)

Officials said that under the housing program refugees and other needy people will pay 30 percent of their income as rent, to a maximum of about $700. (Sounds similar to the Save Your Home Program that O'Suma He's Legal had put together right?)

Loal & Nyadech Lul fled Sudan in 1993, their families were murdered, they spend 12 years in a refugee camp. In 2006 they came to the United States after being accepted by the federal government for resettlement in Phoenix. (Now I am sympathetic to these atrocities that these people suffer, and we should be helping their country, but not like this.)

Currently Bol Loal hopes to earn degrees in economics and accounting. He is attending Gateway Community College in east Phoenix and hopes to trasnfer to ASU. His wife is a stay-at-home mother, is going to school to improve her English. Bol Loal said that eventually he hopes to earn his own home and perhaps return to Sudan, but only if the political conditions are right. ( So he is going to school, and so is she yet they both spent 12 years in a refugee camp so they have nil work experience meaning they are getting financial aid and most likely some sort of scholorship, and other assistance, TAX DOLLARS, to help them. And he talks of returning to his country after he recieves this education on OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!!)

In the meantime, officials at Catholic Charities said they are accepting donations from people wishing to assist needy people such as Loal and his family. (As I remember the donations that the Catholic church recieves is meant to go towards the citizens of that community and their families. And we can't hear enough about how much poverty there is in this horrible country. So tell me why are we shipping them in?!!!)

Perhaps this is part of the Agenda that creates a government reliant society?



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