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Check the Facts Not Just the Words & Voting Away Our Constitutional Rights Isn't Constitutional

I've been watching all the statements concerning upcoming elections in the GOP in AZ and now suddenly some are making statements that this person or that one really supports the US Constitution, and uses that to gain support for the Candidate they support. My concern is that now they're starting to use the word Constitution to give them credibility for who they support. I've come to learn that how you really know who does and doesn't support the Constitution is by who've they've $upported & Given $$$$$$ to in the past and then look at the Voting record of that person. This I believe is the True way to Judge whether or not someone talks about supporting the Constitution or really does, as the Votes the people they $upport/Vote for is a True indication of who this person. I know Santorum talked about taking one for the Party big mistake as vote violated the Constitution, as does the Patriot Act, NDAA, Cispa, as well as Support for Dream Act, Strive Act and now Achieve Act supported by McCain, Kyl, Flake, Rubio and more, and I know we know if we care to how our US Senators have Voted and I believe will continue to vote, the better of Two Evils doesn't Work when they Vote Away Our God Granted Constitution so please take the time to examine who those run for office do and have $upported in the Past and it's a pretty good way of telling who or what they'll $upport in the Future. Please Support those who Support Our US Constitution as God Gave US our Rights and no one in any Party should be allowed to Take them from US.  I've now been told that some of Our Congressman vote against the US Constitution between 5 to 15% of the time, this is done as I was told for a better deal down the road or compromise, they have no authority to compromise Our Constitution for any deal down any road as most know they take an oath to the best of my ability to Protect, Defend and Support the US Constitution.  I'm hoping we don't believe that giving up Our Rights is Worth a Better Deal down the Road and so far the Road isn't changing and we're less Free and if King Obama the 1st continues to take US down that road with the help of some in the GOP then for the most part we're toast.  Take a look at the NDAA, Patriot Act, Cispa, and more in the name of Security, as our founders Stated clearly if you give of freedom for security you'll end up with neither. Compromise is fine when doing contracts for arms, roads etc. as we all do when we purchase cars, homes etc., however this doesn't now and never should be done with Our Constitutional God Granted Rights, so as I said before do the math and follow the $$$$$$$$$ or get ready for more of the same.  

God Bless You All; Van

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Comment by Vans Crossroads on January 21, 2013 at 8:12pm

This is the Comment about Compromise hope no one minds. This is While I like Van a lot and agree with Van about 99% of the time, this is one I don't agree with 100% or majority of those we've all voted for wouldn't be in office. The only individual who votes the Constitution 100% of the time is Ron Paul. We have Trent Franks at about 80-85%, my good friend David Schweikert is at about 95%, a new Congressman Matt Salmon doesn't have a new voting record yet to go on yet I know he is strong on our Constitution. We would have Ron Paul as President now if we all wanted someone who is 100% Constitution with no compromises whatsoever. Most others do some compromising and I would hope their purpose of compromise is to get something done better down the road. My humble opinion on the subject. As for listening / asking the questions for Az GOP Chair, both Robert Graham and Doug Little will be on Van's blogtalkradio Wed Jan 23. If you're a PC, and a State Committeeman who will be voting, I suggest you listen to Van's show.

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