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 I love this part:


College loans are way too expensive and education quality has fallen as college kids are taught by very young grad students while fully tenured professors collect big bucks to do research and pontificate. Further, many formerly middle class parents do not like the left-wing teachings of lunatic socialists or, communists messing-up their children’s heads for a so-called higher education. The reality is, in this environment, a kid has other avenues to learn, including a full, four year internet degree obtained from a top-notch university for $7,500 not $40,000 to $50,000 or, even more. This is a game changer for education in the USA. The ivy-covered walls of higher learning institutions are turning into poison ivy and it’s not going be pretty.


And this one:


If the dollar remains intact albeit at much lower values, it will need something behind it like a tiny unit of gold or perhaps a unit of energy being oil and gas or both. Taxes should be a flat tax of 10% for all individuals and companies. Numerous, favored big corporations pay little or, no tax and this should be rectified. Tax codes are in drastic need of revision. We think somewhere soon, most taxes go unpaid as there is no income to tax or, the citizenry and some companies refuse to pay as they cannot or, will not. Here comes major mayhem on this one. Governments’ grasping scramble for dollars will get wicked.


 And this one:


Banker Theft:  We all know what favored insider-bankers and corporations did to the American taxpayers. They were literally TARP-robbed and it continues today in this wild-west post-Lehman anything goes environment. The American public is very forgiving and will provide wide latitude for huge errors. However, the bankers and companies have pushed too far and too hard and their day of rejection and come-uppance is near. This will be beyond ugly. This is especially true since these scammers are still at it more than ever.

One analyst said that to bring their downfall from unbridled power, the Sheeple will have to reject the system the best they can. We think they will as they have no other choices and cannot pay. In my view, we suggest the implosion of global bond markets on a failure of confidence and trust will smash the bankers and their government enablers.            

Rejection of participation in their criminal games and elimination of most all debts must arrive before we can start all over again from a new page one for a new life. These international controllers are fighting hard to keep old paradigms alive but they’re losing and the end is nigh. Expect the first of several major repercussions this fall with a war in 2012-2013. Meanwhile, a stampede to precious metals, shares, and related trades could be heroic. We’ve seen some of our traders busy fortune building and are amazed.



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