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Conservatives Spending Liberally w/ GE, Progressive Ins. & AARP

The time has come and long past when we as conservatives continue to both buy and spend our Monies with Liberal Companys who finance movements who are agianst what we believe as those previously mentioned. These Companys finance groups such as the NAACP,ACLU and many others and we pay for it.

We need to begin to see just what we're doing with our monies and then spending not only conservatively but also with Companys that agree with us and what we're trying to do in this country and world as well.

We need to start today as the election cycle is ending and we need to begin to have a plan for the future to make our economy grow again and what better way than to try and keep it within our own borders by either buying from one another or at the very least from 2nd hand stores such as Salvation Army etc.

This I believe is something all of us can and should begin to do now and then as time moves forward we'll begin to see our trade deficit go down if we just stop buying all the things from markets, I realize this sounds simple but if you look back at WW ll and see how we collected to build our forces then not so far fetched, think about it.

God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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Comment by Vans Crossroads on September 19, 2010 at 9:44pm
Hello Again; I agree buy USA and make sure it's not only USA but is also not supporting the Progressives in any way at all, so for those of you who have access to the information we all need let us have it so we can pass it on, this might actually start a new movement and should. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man
Comment by John W. Bugay on September 19, 2010 at 7:53pm
I purchase only USA Made tools for work and home. I do not purchase GE, AARP and other left supporting companies. I would like to see a list of companies that are USA made and the ones that we should not buy from.
Comment by Grady Rhodes on September 19, 2010 at 4:38pm
Yes, buy American when you can!

And we need a movie/TV rating group. Is a movie or TV series reasonably conservative, or far-left liberal? Will you guide your children to watch more balanced entertainment, or will you allow Hollywood to continue re-educate your children?

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