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Declare Wall Street Bankrupt: Restore Glass-Steagall Now!

Town Meeting 

Portales Corporate Center - Amphitheatre

4800 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 6:30- 9:00 pm


Meeting Chairman: Dennis Dugan, Scottsdale, AZ   480-238-6576
Principal Speaker:  Eric Thomas, LaRouche PAC LA Regional Organizer


     We have called this meeting on an emergency basis to enlist you and your friends and family in the fight to save this country and civilization from destruction at the hands of the British Empire and its chief agent in this country, its colony known as Wall Street.
      Wall Street has amassed a pile of worthless financial paper and now seeks to collect on this paper with the blood of the American people. There is no way that this debt, the fruits of more than two decades of wild speculation, can ever be paid. The bailouts of major banks and insurance companies have only made matters worse. The entire global financial system is in reality in a state of hopeless bankruptcy.
     Instead of simply wiping out this useless debt and with it, the financial institutions of Wall Street and starting over, these criminals have proposed to enforce a brutal austerity on the American people, as they are doing in such places as Detroit, and as they have done in Europe. The result will be a rise in the death rates, as has been the case in Greece, Spain and other nations victimized the bankers' dictatorship.  This murderous policy is no mistake-- it is the declared intent of the British Monarchy to reduce the population of this planet to fewer than 1 billion people, as rapidly as possible, by any means available, including by thermonuclear warfare.  And if we don't stop these bastards, that are what we will get, as events unfolding in the Middle East portend; and if we have such a war, even this evil financial oligarchy won't survive-- it will mean the extinction of the human race.
     The time has come for each of you to decide that you intend to live, to decide that your children and grandchildren should have a future. We must cancel Wall Street, before it cancels our lives and the future of the human race. Our weapon is the power of our Constitution that created our unique form of government. Our founding fathers created a government to facilitate a system of physical economy based on the extension of credit as the means to create a future that improved the General Welfare of not merely presently alive citizens, but for their future generations. We fought a revolution against the British imperial system of monetarism that gave power to an oligarchy and the heel of the boot to the throat of everyone else. We won that fight, only to have traitors over time restore power the Empire, through its colonial spawn, Wall Street.
     What must be done is simple: Cancel the bankrupt Wall Street money system that has created this present mess and take the power away from the criminal bastards that run it, including their political stooges such as the current President of the United States, who disgraces the high office he holds with his ass kissing of the British Empress and her minions on Wall Street. Throw all of these crooks in high places and of falsely held esteem in jail.  Then replace this with a restoration of the American System of Physical Economy of our first and greatest Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton and use that credit system to rebuild our collapsed economy, and through cooperation with other nations, the world as well, as Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy would have done.
     Led by the greatest American of this era and many others, the Hamiltonian economist Lyndon LaRouche, we are now engaged in this life and death struggle to take back our country and defeat Wall Street. While it alone is no silver bullet, the proposed restoration of the Glass- Steagall legislation, if it has the backing of an informed citizenry, can kill the Wall Street vampires, by cutting off their supply of financial blood. That is why Wall Street literally goes berserk at the mere prospect of a fight for Glass-Steagall. These criminals may have their thuggery and thievery, but they have no policy that can make their worthless financial paper worth anything. They are as bankrupt of ideas as they are financially bankrupt. 
     We can win this fight, if citizens are willing to exercise the enormous power that they have under our Constitution, restored to its glory and integrity. At this point, there is no begging out of this fight. If you refuse to stand up now, you will wind up a casualty of Wall Street. They will remind you of your money and your bank accounts, and say you must stand with them to protect this. But your money is already gone.  We can't save your money-- Wall Street has already stolen it. We can however, save your life and that of your family.
     That's what our meeting is about. Attend it and pass this message on to friends and family. Your future is in your hands-- no matter what Wall Street and its epigones tell you. Take back your country.


Arizona LaRouche Movement

For More information please Call: 800-929-7566 or 602-449-0526

(Seating Limited: Contact to reserve seating)




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