Do you really want to stop ISIS? Then do something!

Do you really want to stop terrorism? The first step is to Reclassify the 28 pages of the 9-11 Joint Inquiry Report.

This is an issue that could give John McCain and others heartburn. It is the real and simple issue that could knock McCain off of his high horse in his drive for re-election.

Understand that if any Senator or Representative, refuses to co-sponsor or is against H RES 14, they are not working in the best interest of the American people. It could be said that they have violated their oath of office as they have not acted for the common good of the American People (general Welfare) and not provided for the "defence" of our Nation.

John McCain has a special Relationship with Saudi Arabia, so does John Ellis "JEB" Bush and Obama. They act as if they want to keep this issue from the American people by their inaction. Obama because of his refusal to follow through on campaign promises to release the 28 pages.

McCain goes to Syria, does the bidding of Saudi Arabia and stands shoulder to shoulder with the terrorists that are eating the hearts of those they kill, and by his actions refuses to support the disclosure of the 28 pages.

Putin makes fun of Obama and MicCain for supporting the Cannibal Terrorists in Syria and helps stop the planned attacks on Syria by Obama and McCain.

McCain went to Syria at the bidding of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia wants to destroy all of the secular governments in the Middle East.

After Syria, McCain then goes to the Ukraine and supports Obama's spending of $5 billion on a "Color Revolution", using the Neo-Nazi militias, to preform a coup and remove the legitimate government of the Ukraine.

Obama is trying to start a war with Russia, by using the Nazi factions to threaten to kill all the Jews and ethnic Russians.

Any true John McCain supporter can only hope that his senior seniliity is behind his actions.

Others more knowledgable, know that his true self is starting to come out.

We just have what appears to be Nazis presidential candidates in the likes of JEB Bush, when you consider the support that his grandfather, Prescott Bush gave to Hitler.

We need to put John McCain and JEB Bush in the same light by releasing the 28 pages, so that real solutions to real issues can be addressed and we stop the war that Obama and McCain are trying to start.

Understand what the issues of the 28 pages will do to John McCain's credibility.

Everyone should call John McCain's office and ask if he is for H Res 14? Has he taken the time to read the 28 pages? When will he take the time? What is he going to do about the content of the 28 pages?

Everyone needs to contact John McCain's Office and see if he refuses to do anything about the 28 pages.

Call, Fax or Write his office in Washington, DC
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862
Call, Fax or Visit his Arizona Offices
2201 East Camelback Road
Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Main: (602) 952-2410
Fax: (602) 952-8702
122 North Cortez Street
Suite 108
Prescott, AZ 86301
Main: (928) 445-0833
Fax: (928) 445-8594
407 West Congress Street
Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85701
Main: (520) 670-6334
Fax: (520) 670-6637

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