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No doubt the Tea Party Movement has become mainstream.

The number of groups that have emerged, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of insobriety with regard to freedom, is quite remarkable.

However, if it keeps self-identifying as religious by calling itself conservative, it will marginalize itself and betray this nation through advancing ideology instead of personal freedom.

If the Tea Parties are truly pluralistic, then self-identifying as anything other than neutral issues which affect all Americans, disenfranchises.

Yes, we certainly want people of character & integrity in office.

Yes, Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Market Principles to win voter approval and advance our nation toward greater levels of freedom.

However, the backlash that awaits the Tea Party Movement and conservatives, if they are unable to move toward freedom through the objective, not the subjective, is mighty and massive.

The sense of betrayal by those who “trusted” their efforts and judgment will be all but washed away.

Perhaps that’s what “conservatives” need in this nation – a washing away of their contempt for Americans who don’t hold their religious beliefs.

There are plenty of Americans who uphold personal freedom, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market principles who do not worship the same god or any god – they understand a fundamental principle of life: each is born with inherent rights irrespective of where they come from.

Does a man have the natural right to decide for self where his inherent rights come from?

If your government isn’t neutral to its people, then what are they?

The answer: favoring.

Republicans understand that “Conservatives” do not represent them, but find it a challenge to differentiate themselves since Conservatives hijacked the party some 20 plus years ago.

Conservatives immediately get emotional and decry that everyone wants to silence them about religion.

Not true and what’s worse? They know it.

They know that freedom loving Americans want nothing of the kind.

They also know that self-development compels our government to step out of religion, a very personal issue to each individual, and allow freedom of the conscious mind to decide for self.

Again, does a man have the natural right to decide for self where his inherent rights come from?

If Conservatives think government doesn’t do anything well and its intrusion is insidious, why would they think government involved in religion is “okay”?

Conservatives start behaving like emotional liberals when they decry “victim” because someone doesn’t agree with their version of control through religious beliefs.

Conservatives don’t want government using pluralistic tax dollars to fund abortions. I agree and so do many other Americans.

They have no problem, however, turning around and wanting government to utilize pluralistic tax dollars to fund the national day of prayer or any other number of religious actions such as prayer in school, or reading the bible in public education.

Conservatives have no issue denouncing the swindle that is gorebal warming yet attempt to put Intelligent Design into classrooms which has no basis in science at all. Anyone who knows the scientific method would never endorse either of these fraudulent endeavors.

It’s hypocrisy, folks, no matter how you try to rationalize, justify or excuse it.

Every argument espoused only moves away from freedom, not toward it.

Substituting one ideology of social justice for another isn’t promoting freedom, it’s attempting to advance control – it just happens to be your version of control.

Liberals are picking up on the hypocrisy and are starting to speak to it.

The ability to refute their arguments lies within the framework of neutrality of freedom for the individual to decide his life for himself. This neutrality will pull the rug from under their arguments once and for all.

If you don’t get this, you are determined to paint yourself into a corner when liberals start advancing toward you.

Independents are the fastest growing voter block and if you’re unable to move their vote through neutral government, then liberals will find themselves in power again wielding their mass destruction on our nation because they get the desire of individuals to “live & let live”.

Yes, the Tea Party Movement is having an impact; I’ve been proud to be part of it. However, if it keeps self-identifying as religious by calling itself conservative, opening it’s gatherings with prayer, quoting from the bible, etc, it will marginalize itself and betray this nation that is looking for alternatives within government that can advance freedom, not ideology.

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Comment by Paul Fetters on May 10, 2010 at 7:26am
This is a good analysis and I fully agree. I lean more towards free market libertarianism as well.

I believe that the founding fathers were for the most part very strong men of faith, I myself start my day with reading the Bible and praying. However, that is my own personal choice and it is an exercise in practicing my own personal liberties and worshiping the God I choose.
To make pennance to any religious system mandatory is tyranical and going against everything "free will" that God ever set out for humanity. Whether we opt to follow God's laws that he sets for humanity or not, I believe it was always supposed to be an act of free will as opposed to government mandate.
That is why the Pilgrims came to this country in the first place; the freedom to worship and not be persecuted.

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