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This is the way I see it from the information that has been given to me. MCCAIN IS PLAYING US ALL!!. He approached Jim Deakin once he realized that Jim had the signatures to be on the ballot to let McCain ‘mentor’ him and prepare him for the NEXT election if Jim would bow out of this race. Jim Deakin, being the man of INTEGRITY that he is, declined McCain’s offer.

Not to be stopped, McCain then proceeded to campaign against J. D. Hayworth with radio ads on Hayworth’s radio station, calling him out so to speak. J. D. Hayworth then throws his hat into the ring and declares HE is running against McCain and he also asks Jim Deakin to bow out of the race. To which, again because of his INTEGRITY, Jim declines.

I believe that we have a wonderful opportunity right now to marginalize McCain by not signing his petitions and allowing him to be on the Primary Ballot. This would leave us with two candidates who claim to be conservative, against Health Care Reform, Against Cap and Trade, For Securing Our Border, For Lowering Taxes and For Individual Freedom. This is the goal that we (freedom loving Americans) have been working for – the choice between qualified, freedom loving candidates that are determined to represent their constituents.

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