Drumbeat for Military Intervention in Syria

The drumbeat is intensifying for military intervention into Syria, all in cadence to serve British imperial intentions. The most explicit call for military force came yesterday from French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, who said he will file a resolution under Ch. 7 of the United Nations Charter, in respect of its language to "restore international peace and security," if the Syrian government does not comply satisfactorily by early May with the Annan ceasefire deal. The May 5th report-back by special envoy Kofi Annan to the Security Council, on the status of Syria's compliance, will be a "moment of truth," said Juppe. "If that does not work, we cannot allow the regime to defy us. We would have to move to a new stage with a Chapter 7 resolution at the United Nations..." Juppe spoke in Paris, after a meeting with one of the many Syrian opposition groups.

"Non-compliance" is the same refrain being sung now by the whole host of activists for deadly British gamesmanship. Last week at the Paris meeting of the false Friends of Syria, the possibility of having to take stronger action against the Syrian government was raised by Hillary Clinton, in accordance with the Obama/London scenario.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere is dense with calls for military action, from editorials in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, to the ravings of Sen. John McCain at the confirmation hearing for Ann-Marie Slaughter aide Derek Chollet, who looked moderate by comparison.

Yesterday in the U.S. Senate, the Foreign Relations Committee marked up a resolution on Syria, introduced only yesterday, calling for President Bashar al-Assad to leave office, and specifying other measures for the U.S. to take. Billed as bipartisan, the resolution's sponsors are Bob Casey (D-PA) and Marco Rubio (R-FL). Rubio said yesterday, "Assad has committed atrocities... Assad's departure must be accelerated..." The measures call for the U.S. to develop a plan to find and take over Syria's stockpiles of weapons.

Yesterday, the Arab League foreign ministers met in Cairo, and issued a statement, saying they will ask the U.N. Security Council to "review" its policy on Syria, if the Syrian government fails to fully and completely honor the cease-fire. They asked Morocco, a member of the Security Council, to convey this to the Council on May 5, when Annan gives his status report on Syrian compliance.

Susan Rice, the British functionary with the post of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., is doing her bit (or bite). After Annan gave a closed door briefing to the Security Council this past Tuesday, on the monitoring process in Syria, Rice spoke out to denigrate Syria's compliance and denounce the U.N. deployment of monitors as unacceptably slow. She said, "that Damascus was putting restrictions on the deployment of truce monitors."

Yesterday, Rice again condemned the Syrian government, in particular, blaming their "heavy shelling" for causing an explosion in central Hama, killing 16 people, when a cache of weapons blew up — in fact, assembled by the rebels!

The reality is that, all along, those following the British imperial scheme, are acting to be sure of failure of the Annan plan for cease-fire and monitoring, or anything like it, just as Lavrov warned.

Russia is continuing to attempt diplomacy, hosting Syrian opposition groups, and firmly rejecting regime-change.

Spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich today said that the level of violence in Syria has diminished since the observers have arrived. There are now 15, and 100 are approved for deployment. On violations, Lukashevich said, "Most often this occurs because of provocative actions from the armed opposition, which often force the Syrian security forces to open fire in response." He said, "All of this allows us to claim that the situation in Syria is starting to improve slightly, although this is a very fragile trend."

April 26, 2012 • 10:40PM

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