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 McCain is a maverick and Doug ducey is a political outsider. Not the only jokes our researchers found back in the late 80's McCain and 4 Democrats were bought by Charles Keating then "king" of the lincoln savings! Doug Ducey was working for Hensley & Co., the local Anheuser-Bush distributorship in 1986! And may have been in training from The RINO! O' yes Ducey also know Mr. Fannin a real buddy of McCain from way back and former GOP state party Chairman! And we don't have to remind you that he has Jim Click and Lea Marquez Peterson's Democrats in Tucson!Now I wish I could take credit for this info. But I can't. What I can say is thankyou one and all for the research that you do!!! Art Olivas. and yes we will research all the Governors want to beSSSSSS. 

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