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Emergency Town Meeting August 22nd, 6:30 pm 4800 N Scottsdale Road, 85251

Do you want to know what the criminal banks have built into Dodd-Frank and details about the bail-in process and super priority of derivatives t hat intimately effect you and municipalities across the nation?  Dodd-Frank regulations are being written by the shyster banks and will be 30,000 pages when completed.  They will kill all of the community banks near you, with an ultimate goal to kill you! Would you like to come to an understanding how the banksters "debt farmed" Detroit, the genocidal consequences and how Detroit is a test for a process that is coming to a municipality near you? 

Do you want to know why the restore America, return to the republic plans have all failed?

Why do all of the Constitutional movements seem to go now where? Why many of the tea party groups are distracted, seem to also go nowhere and have not lived up to their expectations or potential?

Why can it be said that the so called Constitutional experts are failures?  These experts create an initial spike in the motivation of their followers, who they then let down with ineffective leadership, that has no vision, and concentrate on mundane topics, such as the size of Coke bottles and returning to the gold standard with no concept of a future. 
These various individuals and organizations do not understand the real American history, its creation, nor the principles upon which the US Constitution functions.  
For the most part, everyone of these individuals and organization is into, "Where's My Gold!"  and their own self interest!  
They do not understand that the American Revolution was fought to create a new system of government that had as its core purpose the requirement to create a future in accordance with the general Welfare of its citizens.
Because of this lack of understanding, our republic has no future!
Furthermore, everyone needs to understand that you cannot create a sovereign nation with a future using the monetary system of your traditional enemy.  
He who has the gold rules and you are not a sovereign nation unless you control you means of exchange!
Attend this meeting and learn about the Plan to Free America from the tyranny of the criminal banks! That Glass-Steagall is the point of the spear and restores Constitutional principles.  It is the weapon that the criminal banks fear and know will destroy them.
Attached are handouts for this meeting about the Glass-Steagall Legislation that has the highest priority and needs your support.
Please forward this message and encourage all you know to attend.
The following is a listing that has been prepared that shows you why the bankers are going crazy over the possibility of HR129/S.1282 Glass-Steagall legislation being restored after they paid $330 million to take it down during the Clinton/Lewinsky administration.
Glass-Steagall is a Free America Plan!
Glass-Steagall would do the following:
1) Free America from the tyranny of corrupt bankers and Foreign Interests who currently control our Financial System
2) Restore the Constitutional Banking System (a National Banking System based on credit with the purpose of supporting infrastructure and creative productive growth) and end the fiat Federal Reserve Banking System based on debt (which institutionalized the Foreign Interests' control of our monetary system and usurped the Constitutionally granted power of Congress to 'coin money and regulate the value thereof'), Audit the FED with no restrictions, then eliminate the FED (a greedy, corrupt middleman) through bankruptcy & criminal charges where relevant.
3) End the Internal Revenue Service
4) End the Bail Outs
5) Prevent the pending Bail Ins (Dodd-Frank nightmare)
6) Prevent the Super Priority of Derivatives in Bankruptcy from taking place as being in violation of the "general Welfare" clause of our Constitution (this means the bankers have arranged to be first in line as pay-off parties in pending banking bankruptcy actions- all due to their gambling with depositors money! ei-yiii-yiiii! and now they want to have first place in line for pay-outs!)
7) Lead to the impeachment of high-ranking political office holders who are found to be corrupt or intentionally acting contrary to the best interests of the United States.
8) Lead to the creation and Restoration the Government Credit System of our Constitution
9) Put all Corrupt & Criminal Bankers in Jail for their Criminal Activities
10) Restore the republic of the United States
11) Lead to the creation of Millions of productive jobs for Americans
12) Lead to a Renaissance of the American System of economics
13) Lead to America returning to its leadership position in scientific progress
14) Create a future of creative openings for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren 
15) Save all the world from the inevitable conclusion of the policies- present and planned- of the current financial policy-makers:  world-wide genocide (referred to as 'herd-culling'.
.....The list goes on...



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