Endorsement or Support What's the Difference?

 It's time once again to begin to consider who's running for office and even though the ink isn't dry on Kyls' statement of not running. I'd really like to know why so many feel that they need to get behind a Candidate before they've even announced that they're running for office after all shouldn't this type of Decision be made by them due to their Convictions and not the Support of those who claim to be in The Tea Party Movement.

I realize that I've endorsed Candidates in the past and one of them even mentioned my affiliation with the Tea Party even though I thought I'd made it clear that it came from me personally and not as a member of a Tea Party even though active at the time, however that may be understood or interpreted by some I know what I meant.

I'd like to see the people who are deciding to run do it from a position of Dedication rather than just because they believe they have the support/endorsement of a tea party or what they call a tea party questionable at best according to what many believe.

I live in LD-4 and this also happens to be Trent Franks Congressional District and I'm still not happy with his endorsement of Sen. Nelson in LD-12 as his rating by most was in the 40s and when this fact was brought to Congressman Franks attention he simply stated he'd given his word to Nelson.

My point is simply this at the very least it showed poor judgement, but once shown the error in judgement seemed more concerned for his Word to a RINO at best than to the very people he'd given his word to serve and this isn't doing justice to that so called Word as we know many took His Endorsement as the Good Housing Keeping Seal of Approval and thereby Voted for Nelson again.

I've not said much about this publicly, however now that he's thinking about running for the US Senate and seems to have the support/endorsement of some in the movement I'd like to ask them now what they think of the judgement and for that matter character of an elected official who helped a RINO get elected to serve what amounts to all of us as his votes effect the whole state not just LD-12.

I also realize this isn't going to make me the most popular person in some circles but then some of us must continue to point out the flaws in the system and those in it or we'll all go down as I'm not certain this wouldn't or couldn't happen again as for me I'm more concerned with the support one gives people who represent us than just how they vote, so please check out who else got supported by Him before you all jump off the cliff together.

God Bless You All; Van 

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Comment by Moxie on March 6, 2011 at 9:42pm

@Mark I have had my eye on Mack for some time now. He first caught my attention when I watched the youtube commentary he gave on the powers of Sheriff. I can say right now that if he were to announce his intentions to run I for one will look more in depth on his policies, and actions up to this point. For me personally, he holds a hopeful candle so we shall see.

@Van the Nelson and Nunez team work was another example of GOP corruption as far as I am concerned. She left the spotlight as quickly as she entered it! Favors are for neighbors and friends and serve no valid nor healthy purpose in a professional arena no matter how small. When a politician uses their stature to invoke favor's from anyone, no matter who it is, they officially become non-citizen and have sold out to their title!

Comment by Mark Pentecost on March 6, 2011 at 2:40pm

Before you all get weepy eyed and caught up in grasping for an immediate replacement for the new "Demi-God du'jour" to replace Kyle - I'll put you all on notice right now that SHERIFF RICHARD MACK has been approached by multiple organizations and heavyweight constitutionalists to consider running for this office.  Should he decide to take on this challenge, he may announce his intentions by month's end.  Arizona and her TEA Party could not, in my opinion, have any finer individual to represent and protect our state interests.  I WILL support THIS man!

Comment by Vans Crossroads on March 6, 2011 at 9:11am
Hi JPD; I don't disagree with you on Nelson however my real concern is the people some want to give their support/endorsement so quickly does it not matter to them who he supports as he also supported McCain in the last election as well and I've never heard of him really reaching out to Tea Party groups or just where he stands on them.  My other concern is that it seems some in the Tea Party Movement have become more GOP than Tea Party so which is it as we all know the GOP is as much to blame as the Dems and have alot to prove or is this just a grab for some positions or power later by a group or individuals and believe they can lead others in the Tea Party along for the ride by promising support to candidates they don't have sounds like a rerun of the 2010 election cycle. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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