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ENDORSEMENTS / Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate / YOU TOO CAN ENDORSE Amnesty McFlake!!!

Are these endorsements for Jeff Flake U.S. Senate more GOP-RNC shoving down the throats of Arizona voters their choice? Or in many cases nothing more than QUID PRO QUO in action, as Maricopa County Attorney General, Bill Montgomery’s endorsement of Flake exemplifies? 

When are the voters going to stop settling for no choice and make a choice? Clair VAN Steenwyk for U.S. Senate is a CHOICE they don’t want you to know about because they don’t like being called out. It’s your country, kids and grandkids, consider contributing to VAN where your dollar in his hands is like thousands to the million dollar boys.

We know that John McCain would like nothing more than to have his earmarker mentoree (false front) and fellow amnesty chum Congressman Jeff Flake in the Senate to carry on. Where both are KNOWN open border amnesty progressives which puts into question Flake’s endorsers.  

At the bottom of the “ENDORSEMENT” list is Club For Growth with a “100% Conservative” rating for Flake. WOW the “””COVETED””” Club For Growth endorsement. Who decided that their endorsement was coveted? Conservative buzz word “CONSERVATIVE”, how about some constitutionally to go along with that buzz word? Anyone hear any Republican Candidate talking CONSTITUTION besides VAN, or Cardon and Hackbarth who are parroting VAN’s message?

Is Flake like TED CRUZ where Club For Growth thinks so: Club For Growth President Chris Chocola is a known open border advocate: in 2003, Then-Congressman From Indiana Chris Chocola Earned A Dismal 0% From The Federation for American Immigration Reform. (Project Vote Smart,, Accessed 5/23/12). “Amnesty is the largest of these rewards and gives illegal aliens a path to citizenship or makes them instantly legal. Representative Chris Chocola has voted in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.” (Immigration Stance,, Accessed 5/24/12). “Chocola has stated in writing that "Club For Growth considers illegal immigration a social issue, not a fiscal issue.” (Patriot HQ, 5/24/12). Cruz Has Been The Recipient Of Over $2 million In Television Commercials and Advertisements. (Open Secrets,,  Accessed 5/23/12).

What about this FreedomWorks PAC endorsement of Amnesty Flake: In June of 2011, Ted Cruz was endorsed by Freedom Works, which is led by former Congressman Dick Armey (Wayne Slater, “Ted Cruz endorsed by Tea Party group Freedom Works,” Dallas Morning News, 6/1/11). FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey Has Publicly Voiced His Support For Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants. “Critics ranging from prominent conservatives to bloggers to grass-roots tea party activists have called into question whether Armey’s stances on illegal immigration and social issues, his candidate endorsements and his past lobbying work are fundamentally inconsistent with the tea party movement.” (Kenneth Vogel, “Tea partiers air doubts about Armey,” Politico, 3/25/10). Cruz Has Benefited From Over $140,000 In Support From FreedomWorks. (Open Secrets,,  Accessed 5/23/12)

And then there is DeMint where I’m in total agreement with Annette McHugh:

Annette McHugh: Hon. Sen. DeMint: Re: Your Endorsement of AZ U.S. S...


This is how an endorsement is done Annette McHugh Endorses Clair Van Steenwyk for U.S. Senate Arizona 2012, this fill in the blanks, is not how an endorsement is done. Run Jeff run and keep on running until you’re out of sight and take your endorsements with you!

Jeff Flake H.R. 5326 VOTES for FUNDING DOJ Lawsuits Against States ...

FakeCard: FLAKE AIR PART 3, or, Strawman by Any Other Name

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