Fight or Flight and Police Tanks in Tampa Bay

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Some of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and other related protests have begun to get ugly... and this is just the beginning.  It was only June 21st of this year ("Riots and Mobs Coming to a Town Near You") where we predicted much of what we are now seeing in the US.  We received a lot of feedback from that article calling us alarmists... yet it is now only five months later and many of the photos and videos coming in from across the US shock even us.

This video recently went viral.  The complete non-chalance with which this stormtrooper douses kids in pepper spray is something to see.  He does it with about as much emotion as if he were watering his plants.

The internet provides some protection, and some laughter, from these sort of violent attacks by the state.  For one, this cop has been fully identified, including email address and home phone number.  He even has his own Facebook page dedicated to John "Pepper Spray" Pike.  The page is worthwhile to check out as it has numerous funny doctored images of the event like the one below.

That aside, even we have been surprised at the level of militarization of the police in the US.  They've even start to roll out police tanks in places like Tampa Bay.

It truly is a sad state of affairs to have a bunch of kids sitting peacefully holding hands being faced down by grown men wearing motorcycle helmets, hockey pads and carrying all manner of weapons from pepper spray to batons to guns.

This photo shows the kind of overwhelming force being used by the state upon its own citizens:

Things could get very, very interesting quite quickly.  All it takes is for one brutal beating or killing amidst a mob-like atmosphere and we will begin to see real, serious riots.  After all, this is the US...

This isn't like places throughout the middle east where the rioters and protesters are only armed with rocks and bottles.  This, in fact, is one of the last hopes for Americans... the fact that they have yet to be completely disarmed.

It has been a long time since the populace in the western nations have felt the pressing need to protect themselves from their own government and many have forgotten that this is the reason to own weapons if you are going to live in a statist system.  Luckily, many Americans continue to remember this and this may be their only hope against an incredibly militarized and hostile government.


It is precisely this type of dangerous times that we've been warning about.  The protests to date are only due to the poor economic conditions.  What do you think will happen when all the banks close and the dollar becomes worthless?

For this reason we've been adamant about the importance of things like getting a second passport (like here in the Dominican Republic) and considering moving outside of the western countries to places like Doug's Gultch in Argentina or ourbeach condos in Acapulco.  As well, Americans with assets should check out the book, "Lifeboat Strategy" by Mark Nestmann.  And those with an IRA should look into Terry Coxon's, "Unleash Your IRA" to begin getting IRA assets outside of the control of the US Government.


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