Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutional Restraints, Free Market

These are all under attack by our current governmental administration.

The increasing takeover of banks, industry and healthcare by the government is giving more power to politicians and lobbyists and taking it out of the hands of the citizens. By creating numerous government programs (Cash for Clunkers, Health Care Reform, Cap & Trade etc) they WILL cause higher taxes, higher energy costs, higher product costs and higher unemployment. This could be devastating for our country.

As Tea Party members we are frightened of what our country is becoming and about the future for our children.

Our priority must be to raise the awareness of the public of issues that affect us all. This process has started with rallies and participating at town hall meetings. We can accomplish even more by participating in weekly meetings to understand our role as constituents, educating ourselves on the civic process, and keeping each other informed on current issues and the politicians who are running for office.

We must stand strong. Together we can make a difference.

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