If problem solving were a simple process, everyone would mostly agree on what should be done.


There are many reasons that problems don't get solved quickly and correctly in a group context.

1. We get overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of the problem, so that we can't even agree on a Definition Of The Problem.

2. We spend a lot of time arguing about the details without getting to the Root Cause.

3. If we even manage to get to an agreement as to the Root Cause, we can't seem to formulate a solution which we can put into practice and which will solve the problem without creating other problems.


In our complex governmental structure, problems cascade as time progresses, each one evolving from a previous mistake. For example, take a look at this series of mistakes, leading to the Depression of 2008:

o President Carter had a dream of Affordable Housing for everyone.

o Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977,

    to help poor people buy Affordable Housing.

o President Clinton forced Fannie Mae to issue "No Doc"

    and ARM mortgages, to people who couldn't qualify.

o Barney Frank and Chris Dodd said Fannie Mae was

    doing just fine, and Wall Street was doing just fine selling the

    bad paper, and so they refused to put controls on Sub-Prime


o People couldn't pay, so mortgages went into

    foreclosure, causing the infamous Bank Liquidity Problem.

o Depression of 2008, incorrectly blamed on Bush

    instead of the guilty Democrats.


When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When Obama's Geitner saw the bank liquidity problem, the tool he understood was Government Stimulus, and the banks' need for cash was the only nail he could see to work on, so he gave the Stimulus money to the banks, resulting in thousands of foreclosures all over the country, and empty trashed houses in every community.


If he had given the money to each borrower, as an interest-free loan payment boost, the money would have still ended up in the banks as regular payments, houses would still be occupied and taken care of, and the communities would not be trashed. The United States suffered billions of dollars of damage to our housing inventory because of his precipitous action, stemming from his political and financial ties back into the financial industry.


So, now the Tea Parties are faced with the tasks of selecting which problems need fixing, what are the Root Causes of the problems, and in what order the problems should be addressed.


This is not a trivial exercise, because the Tea Parties are resource-limited and money-limited. We don't have an infinte number of people, nor do we have enough money to do everything that needs to be done. We are up against a ruthless Liberal army that wants to stay at the trough and that has plenty of money to fund all types of Liberal media advertising, both in paid ads and in friendly news spinners.


We have to analyze the problems carefully, pick out the ones that we can solve, and apply our resources in a focused way, to achieve each solution with a high chance of success. We are NOT going to win by restraining ourselves with the Marquess of Queensberry rules. We have to lay punches where they hurt the most and bring down our adversaries the quickest. When you are in a street fight, you are allowed to stomp on the enemy's foot.




One problems stands out, head and shoulders above the rest: Unemployment


The economy is perfectly capable of recovery, so what is the Root Cause of continuing unemployment?


Simple, when you think about it  --  business uncertainty about future taxes. As long as Obama keeps talking about Tax Breaks For The Wealthy, business will hold back, and economy will not recover.


So, how do we get control of taxes on business? Don't say we can't, because if we can't, the country is doomed. Actually, there is a way  --  the House still has control over the yearly budget. We must have a budget every year, and it starts in the House.


So, if the House puts up a budget which the Senate and President don't like, gee, too bad for them. We won't have a budget, and the country stops.


Aha - so we have just multiplied our power by being willing to stop the country.



Here is my private list of Problems to Focus On Right Now, in correct order:

1. Getting control of as much of the budget as possible.

2. Maintaining 2/3 plus three majority in the House. (The plus three is to take of the idiots like Snowe who always pop up at the wrong time for a critical vote).

3. Gaining a 2/3 plus three majority in the Senate.

4. Maintaining and strengthening our state legislatures.

5. Assessing the GOP presidential candidates and supporting one ONLY if he/she has a possibility or winning. If not, don't waste time on POTUS - Obama has so much Internet and Soros money already that we have a very slim chance of winning. Don't waste our energy on a losing battle.


John Delasaux










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