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What is football?
Vince Lombardi thought that,

Andy Griffith’s notion about football was that it was played on a pretty green cow pasture with white lines, and convicts in striped shirts blowing whistles, amid two bunches of men running from one end of the cow pasture to the other without stepping in something, holding onto a funny looking pumpkin.

Our DNA is imbedded with a gene that desires, no demands that we will compete for everything. I know, some of you are saying to yourselves that just isn’t so. Then tell me, why do women take so much time putting on make up and fixing their hair?

Answer: because they are competing with other women.

Why do men spend so much of their lives competing to see who is the fastest, strongest, toughest, and smartest?

Answer: because we want to know who is the fastest, strongest and smartest?

America is built on competition and it is rooted in our flesh?

Football is played once a week; there is no such thing as a double or triple-header, a 162 or 84 game seasons, no, not in football. You may get one or two opportunities to compete against a specific team each season and you better be competitive, intense, focused, prepared and physically able to step on that "cow pasture" to compete.

There is a reason why the football scoreboard industry is a multi-million dollar industry; we all want to know who wins.

One last thought about football: a football is shaped like an almond, pointy on both ends, kind of oval, exactly the shape of a man’s gonads-

you see, even God wanted men to play football, or his gonads would have been round.

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Comment by JPD on February 7, 2011 at 6:34pm
Estrogen and Testosterone.
I don’t care as long as they are true American Patriots.

The Real Ms. America, doing what I would give (a you know what) anything to do her job. Vanessa Dobos is a gunner on a USAF AZ-130 gunship (puff the magic dragon). She has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan. She likes lonmg walks on the beach, men who aren’t afraid to cry and puppies. Her dislikes include feed try stoppages, tracer flareout of her NVG’s and premature fixed-wing strikes scattering her high-value targets.

Jackie Parker

Comment by Moxie on February 6, 2011 at 11:15pm

I wonder if either of you GUYS is familiar with Lingerie Football those women are hardcore, physically fit, and very female. Of course I doubt either of you two would ever watch it. ; \

By the way Joe I agree whole-heartedly with your synopsis on the relation between True American Grit to good old estrogen and testosterone.

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