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Dear Reader;

For the last fifty years, the catch phrase for congress has been; “Let the Middle-Class pay for it”. Well…Let me tell you, the Middle Class is DONE…DONE…DONE.
Today, I stand with you, to help restore those ideals in which this great country was founded. In doing so, we the people, hereby demand that the current level of spending dedicated to these “bail-outs, social entitlements and senseless government programs known as “Pork”…cease immediately.
To the States…Cut Programs…Not Services
And as far as the $787 Billion dollars of the Stimulus money, the TARP money, and the monies given to Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, The Financial Institutions, General Motors, General Electric and all other beneficiaries, you should be outraged. Now Hillery Clinton is authorizing $100 Billion dollars to give to the third world countries to punish you, the American tax payer, for being prosperous. Our manufacturing base is already been ship overseas, and now our economy relies in the rights of "intellectual property".

If “Corrupt Management” has caused demise in these for mentioned companies, then they should have had better managers. NO ONE IS TOO BIG TO FAIL. And it’s not up to the American people to bail them out...
I would only recommend that a study in Free-Market economics of Von Mises, and Not Keynesian, be employed. Companies should be realistic, and face the consequences that all other small business owners are faced with when they’re having trouble...Declare Bankruptcy!

AMERICA Is More than Just About the Money AMERICA Is an Idea.
An Idea Not Only Of Unalienable Rights, But Also Of Unalienable Duties.
An Idea Not Only Of Checks and Balances, But Also of No Taxation without Representation.
An Idea That Moral and Virtuous People, Elect Moral and Virtuous Leaders, and
An Idea Not Only Of the Separation of Powers, But Also Of Limited Government. For a Government that Governs least…Governs best.

Thank you
John Sitterley

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