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Former Quartzsite Council Member Hal Davidson's statement he WOULD have given if allowed to speak


At the direction of the town manager and the chief of police the town council has suspended all speech by the public at town council meetings.

What will be next?

Will people be arrested for trying to speak? (That has already happened.)

Will they harass people who do not agree with them? (That has already happened)

Will there be roadblocks?

Will they try to take our guns away?

Will they try to stop freedom of assembly? (There has allegedly been surveillance of meetings)

Will there be illegal council meetings? (That has allegedly already happened)

Will the Chief run NCIC checks on political enemies? (That has allegedly already happened.)

Will I be arrested for writing this?

How far will Chief, Chairman Jeff, Supreme Chancellor Jeff, or Comrade Jeff be allowed to go?

Only time will tell.

Hal Davidson

Former Councilman Town of Quartzsite AZ.

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